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One of the goals of CrissyTown is to obtain as
much factual knowledge about the Crissy Family
dolls as possible so that it can be shared with
everyone for free here on the internet. The more
Crissy collectors that will chip in, the more
everyone will benefit.

We also want to encourage people to take a look
closer at their dolls, to get an eye for spotting the
out of the ordinary.

The idea here is NOT to create illusions but to
establish facts - facts are confirmed by evidence.
Now in this hobby "evidence" is not always easy
to come by. Isolated examples are not enough to
establish a new "variation" but if enough people
happen to report having examples dolls with the
exact same conditions, then it is safer to say a
new variation can be established.

In some cases, one example of a markedly
"different doll" is enough to establish a new
minor variation, for example when it involves a
Talky Crissy or Velvet that has extra or different
phrases than the norm. The Six phrase Talky
Crissy is more difficult to come by than the more
common 12 phrase...but were you aware of the
SEVEN phrase Crissy and the SEVEN phrase

This is surely an small example of what we can
discover when we all contribute together to build
a public base of Crissy knowledge!
Crissy Doll and her Family and Friend dolls were manufactured for many years and in
different locations. There seems to be no doubt that some Crissy Family dolls can be
slightly different than others of the same type. This sort of thing is not unusal when mass
manufacturing is involved and especially when more than one factory is added to the
equation. You may find variations in face paint, hair texture styles & lengths,  and even hair
and eye color among the various releases & major models of these dolls -- and that list is
not all inclusive!

Also, this should come as no surprise as the same sort of things are seen amongst other dolls
of mass manufacture such as Mattel's immensely popular output. The odds of Ideal Toy
Corp. churning out 100's of thousands of perfect clones would be pretty slim indeed. And
that is to the collector's benefit, really - oddities make the hobby of collecting Crissys more

The issue of many variations of Ideal Crissy fashions is well known but that is not what we
are covering in this section - we are focusing on the dolls themselves.

Some of these types of variations include:

Crissy's with a "wide face" as opposed to a narrower one.
Crissy's with darker or lighter eye make up.
Early Crissy's with head/hair perforation errors
Cinnamon dolls that have Crossed Eyelashes on the upper row of painted lashes
Talky Crissy's and Velvet's with extra phrases.
Cricket dolls with blue eyes.

We may never know all the WHYS concerning the existence of different & unusual Crissy
Family dolls, but we can try to know more of WHAT Ideal did produce.  

With your help what CrissyTown hopes to accomplish is to gather data for the Crissy
Knowledge Base on this subject of the more elusive, or unusual dolls. We will post such
information on these pages when it becomes available. We hope you will enjoy and benefit
from it!

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Visuals of Some Crissy Family Variations
This variation of Cricket
possesses shocking
turquoise-blue eyes.

As all Cricket dolls were Sears
exclusives, what was the reason
that some Crickets have
standard brown eyes and some
have this sought after variation,
much harder to find and highly
desired among collectors?

Certainly a reason for Cricket's
eye color variation exists but
the details may never be
known, or how many of the dolls
were produced with blue eyes.
Some Cinnamon dolls have an
interesting variation in their
eyelashes where two of the painted
lashes are crossed with the effect of
forming an "X" over each eye.

By no means are all Cinnamons are
made this way, and in fact at this
writing no one knows if this variation
is a "rarity" or not. Or if this condition
is attributable to just a certain issue
of the Cinnamon doll.

More than likely this was a practice in
just one certain location of
Cinnamon's production and dolls
produced elsewhere did not have this
type of eyelash painting.

Now...You might be challenged to
locate a cross-lashed Cinnamon for
Crissy Oddities Search Patrol
Have you seen any...
"Talky" Dolls  with extra phrases
Cross-lashed Cinnamons
Non-standard eye colors*

*MIB or 1st owners only please.
Take a look at our precious
crosslash Cinnamon!
Crosslash Cinnamon Photo
Courtesy of Lucy Shaw