Details on all Crissy Family dolls with years of manufacture
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Crissy and same size Friends
Velvet and same size Friends
Sears Exclusive Dolls
Hi! My name is Crissy, I am 18" tall with same size friends: Kerry, & Brandi
My cousin is Velvet. She is 16" tall and has same size friends: Mia & Dina
Cinnamon is Velvet's 12" tall little sister.
Other gals widely considered as part of my "family" are the 18" Tressy and 16" Cricket,
you could only get them at Sears dept. stores. And there is also Tara who is like us too!

We are all are constructed with nice vinyl heads & arms with harder plastic bodies and legs.
Our hair is rooted and it grows too! We all have cupped glassine sleep eyes with black eyelashes,
with the exception Brandi, Dina and Cinnamon whose pretty blue eyes are painted.

Our arms and legs are all swivel jointed permitting motion only in the vertical plane. They are attached
to our bodies by means of a simple molded flange, so don't pull on them too hard!

Velvet and I were also released in Movin' Groovin', Talky, and Look Around body styles (and that will all
be explained in more detail, ok)? ;)

Tressy, Cricket, Brandi and Dina were released in Posin' body styles. Everyone else has a standard
straight body construction only and Tressy also first appeared with a standard non-Posin' body.

There are four other major releases of me and three of Velvet. I came out in Swirla Curler, Twirly
Beads, Magic Hair, and "Country" models. Velvet came out in Beauty Braider, Swirly Daisies and a
1983 Reissue. There are also many other minor variations of both of us.

There are Black skinned versions of me, Velvet & Cinnamon in all our body styles and major models &
the standard body Tressy doll only. Tara was released exclusively as a Black doll.
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