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dear crissytown,

of all the doll sites on the web
yours is the best doll website i
love it the best. all your pictures
of crissy are so nice and bright
and beautiful!! there is just so
much to see and read on your site
its great!! I come back again and
again and again and still havent
seen all of it!

CrissyTown Response:
Thank you for your nice emails,
Kristin. We haven't been around
very long but we have accomplished
a little bit here in that short
time...When we started Crissytown
back in Dec 2005, yes, there were  
many other doll sites featuring
Crissy that had been around a long
time. Was it a just coincidence
that now even more Crissy
sites/webpages are popping up?
We are majestically happy if our
Crissytown has inspired them to
Crissytown is and
always has been
for YOU - the fans of Crissy and
other grow hair dolls!! Enjoy the
site and come back as much as you
like, we are footing the "power
bill" to make it the best it can be
& it will only get better with your
Hi, you have quite a complete
site! It must take a lot of work.
I enjoyed it. Sure, you have my
permission to use the Baby Crissy
and Baby Velvet photos from my
IDEAL DOLLS book. Happy dolling!
Judith Izen

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks Judith, we just love all
your excellent publications.
The books you have released on
Ideal Dolls and American
Character Dolls are without peer
& have been a tremendous
inspiration for us and no doubt
many others who love to explore
the fascinating history of
wonderful world of dolls. Your
research has been so thorough, no
doll lover should be without
When I come to your site, Crissytown
I not only see Crissy, but I can hear
stuff about her too! Am I going
Crissy crazy, or what?

CrissyTown Response:
No, you are still perfectly sane, lol.
Crissytown has what we call "talky
bytes" -- little sound clips we added
just for the fun of it. You may hear
a different talky byte on different
pages & sometimes they may even be
associated with that page's content
(like the Threads page). This works
best with high-speed internet but the
files are small enough that dial-up
visitors can enjoy them too, maybe
with some delay though. Next, we will
have some talky bytes made directly
from Crissy & Velvet Talky Dolls --
so stay tuned right here!  
"What a FANTASTIC site for Crissy
Collectors to gain some knowledge
about their dolls and also be able
to participate in some Crissy doll
fun!" A.B.

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks A.B. -- You know since you
mention "knowledge" let us say that
there really isn't anything that
anyone can't find out that has
access to toy catalogs (retail &
dealers) that are easily obtained
at online auction sites, and just
by studying the doll themselves,
they are the greatest testament of
their own existence. To tell the
truth, we are not here to show you
for instance, every variation of a
certain "jumpsuit" of which there
are many...but if anyone wanted to
submit that material we are more
than glad to publish it in the
appropriate place.

CrissyTown is not in a "race" to
put up the most information in the
shortest period of time -- we are
waiting on YOU, the fans and
visitors to help do that - we are
just publishing the basics, and
leaving most the fun part for you.

THAT is the main difference
between CrissyTown and other doll
sites. Thus, there is really no
comparing CrissyTown with them, as
our Goals are totally diametric in

Enjoy the site!
Hi Everyone!

I love the site and really enjoy
navigating through all the
different areas. All my best for
your continued sucess on the


CrissyTown Response:
Glad you are enjoying CrissyTown!
Thank you for your nice emails.
Awesome Crissy site. So much to see and do. Once I
start, I just don't stop! Heaven. This site is put
together so-o-o-o well and with such class; 'tis
sure to draw in those new to Crissy and is like
home~sweet~home to those who know and love Crissy,
family, and friends. :o) Two thumbs up to Crissy's
web designer and to a website that promises
nothing short of FUN, information, and ALL things
Crissy! A winner. 5 stars*****
Silverdale, WA

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks and Welcome Home :)
You've done such a good job on
your site.


CrissyTown Response:
Thank you so much SW - keep
checking back for more CrissyTown
webpages are on the way.
My Crissy lies over the ocean,
My Crissy lies over the sea,
My Crissy lies over the ocean,
So bring back my Crissy to me!

My,  these lassies sure look like
original members of the McRoberts
Clan.  What adorable outfits they
have on.  It's a trip fit for the
Queen.  This website is
incredible.  It takes you to
places we all dream of and the
authenticity of the travels must
have taken you endless hours to
make so "real".   Wish I was
"roamin the gloomin" with  Kerry
and Crissy.  Thanks for such a
cool site.   In Anticipation of
the Next Destination,  Miagirl

CrissyTown Response:
Glad you are enjoying the tour
Miagirl - stay tuned as we have
more fun planned for Crissy!
Dear Crissy Club
Creators/Moderators, CrissyTown is
the coolest Crissy site around!
It's amazing how much time and
thought you put into creating this
website. It is so much fun and
quite entertaining too. Everyday I
find something new and exciting as
I "go out on the Town." What a nice
and fun group of members too. This
is the ULTRA Crissy site! Something
like I've never seen before! Thanks
for creating and sharing this with
all of us! It is so nice to see the
creators/moderators interact with
the members in such a positive,
upbeat way. You sure make it fun at
CrissyTown. Every day is a new
adventure! Miagirl

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks! Just keep in mind this site
is for you, not just to "surf" but
to help build as well. You all can
be the "creators" just as much as
the staff at CrissyTown!
This website is awesome. It's so
informative, all anyone would need
to know about Crissy and her
friends, and the illustrations are
wonderful! I love the music and
the way it plays when you go back
and forth from the home page to
the other pages. I love the layout
too! A wonderful job! Bren

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks Bren, we work hard on the
images and graphics as this is
very important to both us as
webmasters and our visitors. The
sound bytes are just "icing on the
cake" -- glad you enjoy them! We
have a goodly collection of the
rare Ideal Crissy commericials and
Hey! Let's put this material to
use on the site so we did! :)
Dear Crissy Club,
Thanks for your wonderful website and
chatroom. I read the posts though I
havent joined I would still like to say
I think its great that your chat is
flame-free and other chat site should
follow your example. I think it takes
guts to moderate a chat room and ban
peeps who cant be respectful of others
or who just luv to gripe and stir up
trouble. Thank for having guts I dont
see this kind of thing in your club
where everyone is treated equally.
Thanks again - lurkingagain

CrissyTown Response:
Any folks who are sick of whats
described above are welcome to come
and chat with us! And of course anyone
who is a troublemaking griper with no
respect for others -- please stay
right where you are (if the other
posters can stand your behavior that
is). Our members dont want that type
around, but definitely!

More chatroom sufferers have reported
that CrissyChat causes 100% fewer
headaches and heartaches than the
"leading brand"... : p
If you are looking for a refreshing
change - Try us, You'll like us!
"What a great website!  I love the
layout and all the fun things to
see and read about.  Great job!"

CrissyTown Response:
The folks who all chip in help
make the site great - so thanks too
you all who do!
It's Good to see that Crissy our
beautiful girl from the 70's has
finally joined the 21st century on
the Internet. I collect a lot of
different dolls, been to very, very
many doll sites over many years.
Most are little more than a quaint
"home page"  design-wise or worse,
they are an obviously created from a
generic bland "template" software
program. But CrissyTown is
Professional...I really mean that -
Professional with a Capital T! What
a difference!
Melinda M.

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks MM, The kind of web design
you describe was pretty typical of
sites in the 90's, however in the
"non-professional" arena of web
design those kinds of sites are
still well in the majority even here
in 2006.

We use modern methods to assure that
all visitors will enjoy a fast page
load whether on broadband or dial-up
connections and still do not
compromise the professionality of
the graphic content on CrissyTown!
So Enjoy!
Fantastic! Definitely yours is the
coolest Crissy site on the WWW.
Crissytown Rocks!

CrissyTown Response:
Ah, what else can we say...gee
Hi! I just came across your
site today and I looooove it!!
I love Crissy and I never
realized all the other
beautiful grow-hair dolls that
were out there as well...but
Crissy's still closest to my
heart. :)

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks! Its everyone's
contributions that make
CrissyTown the UltraCrissy
site on the web!
Dear Crissy Club,
I am enjoying the Crissychat forum
and CrissyTown website........and
please know .....that I am going to
participate in everything I can, as
much as I can.......because first
off, they are so much fun to
me......and second, I hope they
just grow, and catch on with so
many other people, like they have
me. : ) They are, in my honest
opinion, the BEST doll sites out
there. Period. I hope others follow
you guys with other doll websites
like yours. It would make the doll
collecting fab.
I don't know about you, but I have
people.....most people...look at my
doll collection for the first time
and go...Oh. Or Wow. That's it. No
interest. But it is so cool when
someone says "what about ......."
anything! You know? I have had a
couple of people say.......what
about....and that is fun. I want to
see doll collectors enjoy talking
with each other I guess, and
comparing notes, and growing in
their love for dolls. And sharing
the joy of getting to really know
other people. You know? I think
your sites do that. So THANK YOU
VERY MUCH !!!!!! Dressy*Tressy

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks for nice compliments!
Keep checking back cuz we have so
much more to add, but we are not in
any kind of hurry ; )
I wanted to say that I really
enjoyed looking through your
website. It was a very
informative and enjoyable
experience. I did enjoy reading
the little stories that were
posted, and also the "I had a
Crissy" club stories. Thank you
for such a wonderful site. I
look forward to revisiting
often. : )  Keep up the good
work. Take care and I love your
sight. Sincerely, Christina : )

CrissyTown Response:
Thank you Christina for your
nice comments and you are very
welcome. Please keep checking
back!  Enjoy the website!
Hi there!

First off thank you for making me
feel so welcomed to the site! I
have never had a website as nice
or as up to date as you keep it.


CrissyTown Response:
Thanks Steve - we really
appreciate your photos, input and
hi, i love your
website!!!!  jaden

CrissyTown Response:
Thanks Jaden for the
nice compliments - we
love Crissy! Glad you
enjoy the site - keep
checking back for more
CrissyTown has just blown me away!
I just adore the Grow Hair World
sections - such beautiful work you
have done on it all, and all the
photos are so bright and cheery
looking :) And the wording is laid
out just right and easy to read too.
Just please keep it coming, pretty
please - there has been nothing like
this before on the net!! Thanks so
much!  crissyflavagal

CrissyTown Response:
Grow Hair World has been such as
pleasure to work on and present to
you all. There was no doubt a void
on the internet concerning Growing
Hair dolls in general so we tried to
fill the need its just that simple.

Don't worry the site will keep
a'growing as long as YOU keep
sending in your content and ideas.
If things don't seem to be moving
very fast it's because we are
waiting on some new stuff from the
visitors -- and thats the idea
behind CrissyTown and what really
makes it different from all the rest
Keep up the good work on


CrissyTown Response: Thank you so
Hi !

You have a very nice website!

Best regards from France


CrissyTown Response: Thank you so
much Cathy - we appreciate your
nice compliments and your help
with the new Cathie by Bella page
in Grow Hair World.
Real Letters from
Real People who know Crissy dolls
Ynot -
Add Yours?
Hello There!
Just three questions about Talky Crissy
talking mechanism... Does it have a plastic
record inside like most Mattel talking
dolls of the 60's? or is it a recorded band
as Talking GI Joe of the 60's? What kind of
record does it have?
I am Lino Lugo and I do research on talking
mechanisms made for the Mexican market in
the 60's and 70's. Mexico never had Talky
Crissy so I can not compare. I am also
doing a research on 11inch fashion dolls
made in Mexico in the 60's to the 80's.
I hope you can help me.
Thank you for your time and attention.
Lino Lugo

CrissyTown Response:

Hi Lino!
To answer your questions - first you need
to be aware there are two kinds of Talking
Crissy dolls - one with 12 phrases and
one with 6 phrases. Also there is a Talking
Velvet doll (just 6 phrases)
The Velvet doll and six phrase Crissy doll
share the same talking mechanism design.
This design is "open" with the mechanism
only enclosed by the doll itself. Recorded
phrases are on a plastic cylinder read
by a needle stylus (direct vibration from
stylus to a separate transducer produces
the sound)

The 12 phrase Crissy uses a recorded strap
or band inside a plastic enclosure, the
speaker is part of the module.
The strap is also read by a stylus and
works much like the other one, but this
design produces less mechanical
noise outside the doll so usually the
phrases sound clearer, however the sound
fidelity is about the same. Your doll
research sounds fascinating. Thank you for
your email and we hope we have assisted you
with your research.

I just love your site!

Crazy about Crissy

CrissyTown Response:
Thank you, we are thrilled that you
are enjoying the site.
Hello CrissyTown Staff,

I had to write you a note to let
you know that your site is
awesome!I have especially enjoyed
reading the iCrissy pages.

A CrissyTown Fan

CrissyTown Response: That's great
that you like iCrissy, its our
favorite part of the site too. We
are blessed to have so many great
contributors - as that's what this
site is all about, combining
efforts. Keep watching for more
fanfics and other iCrissy
activities in the near future.

I love CrissyTown!


CrissyTown Response: Hi Bonnie
back and a Big Thank You to ya!
Hello, I just signed up for
membership at Crissytown and just
love this site!! I have only been
collecting Crissy doll for about 6
months. I absolutely adore the
Velvet trip to her grandpas!!

CrissyTown Response: Hi there and
a Big Thank You to ya!
Hello CrissyTown,

I collect dolls, but don't collect
Crissy - but may start now after
finding your site!

CrissyTown Response: Awesome! We
encourage you too and thanks for
Hello CrissyTown Webmaster,

I used to collect Crissy family but
sold all my dolls a few years ago.
I am sure sorry I did and will be
starting up my collection again
this winter. Thanks for putting up
such a great website - it has so
much cool information.

CrissyTown Response: We hope you do
start your collection up again as
Crissy is a doll you shouldn't live
without. :) Come back and visit
again. Thanks for the nice

I really am having a great time
surfing your site.

CrissyTown Response: Thank you
very much!
Hi there,

I just want to say that I love
your site and all the new things
you have added.  Keep up the good


CrissyTown Response: Thank you!
Hi CrissyTown,

Dagmar's Column is so cute! I
enjoy reading it every month.

CrissyTown Response: She is very
talented.  We love to read it too!

Please show more pictures of dolls
as I just love your site.


CrissyTown Response: You are not
the only one asking for this -
thanks and will do.