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through the years about Crissy family. Please
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A Special Thanks to the following contributors:
JJ, Cathy, Judith Izen, Nancy & Miagirl
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Articles & Patterns

PLAYTHINGS  - Doll Trade Ad 1969 Ideal Crissy Grow Hair
National Doll World Jan/Feb 1979 Pattern Patter - Prairie Dress & Bonnet Pattern for Velvet by R Gwartney
National Doll World Jul/Aug 1979 Pattern Patter - Wedding Dress  Bonnet Pattern for Crissy by R Gwartney
National Doll World Omnibook Spring 1980 Picture-Book Velvet Pattern - Old Fashioned Dress & Hat for Velvet by R Hoyle
National Doll World Christmas Annual 1980 Costume for 16" Velvet - Victorian-Style Dress & Bonnet by C Barr
Doll Castle News Nov/Dec 1981 - Mini Dress Pattern for Velvet by D Alice
National Doll World May/Jun 1981 - In Search of the Beautiful Crissy Family by J Taylor
Crochet World March/April 1982 - Fancy Fashions by P Funk
Crochet World July/August 1982 - Patterns for 5 Outfits by M Sisemore
National Doll World May/June 1983 The Crissy Chronicles by K Heidemann
National Doll World July/Aug 1983 Pattern Patter - Pegnoir Set for 15" Country Fashion Crissy by R Gwartney
National Doll World Aug 1984 Beautiful Hair by R Lewicke
National Doll World April 1985 Crissy Genealogy by C Sander
National Doll World Sept/Oct 1985 Lurex Glamour For Crissy - Ball-Type Gown Pattern for Crissy by J Rodriguez
Doll Reader Oct 1987 Ideal's Crissy - Beautiful and Available by D Miska
Doll Designs Jun/July 1988 Crissy - Patterns for Crissy
Doll Reader May 1988 - Dressing the Ideal Crissy - Patterns for Crissy & Cinnamon by D Miska
National Doll World Nov/Dec 1989 Crissy Genealogy by C Sander
Doll Designs May 1990 Old-Fashioned Dress Pattern for Crissy by E Leybourne
Doll Collector Price Guide Winter 1992 - The 1972 Sears Catalog Update by L Jaeger
Doll Reader August 1998 Crissy's Fashion Boutique Outfits by J Izen & S Mobley
Doll Reader November 2000 Dolls of the Century 1970-1979 by J Fennick
Toy Shop November 5, 1999 She’s Such a Doll! Ideal’s Crissy Dolls Have Captured Collectors’ Hearts by Judith Izen
Contemporary Doll Magazine Crissy in “Dolls We Love” Column June/July, 2005 by Judith Izen
New Yorker December 2006 Little Hotties by M Talbot
Haute Doll November/December 2006 - Cathie, The French Fashion Doll by J Bucchi & B Cassara

Misc Articles & Patterns Without Dates:

National Doll World Christmas Annual - A Crissy Angel Pattern for Velvet