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Fit Velvet, Mia or other fashion dolls:;
wrap-around skirt with top and hot pants,
mini dress, jumper with pantyhose, granny
gown, pants set with poncho.  
Dolls not included.
Montgomery Wards 1971
Aldens 1971
any 15-inch toddler doll.
4-up-to-the-minute outfits. * Set 4.99
or any 18-inch doll. 4 sensational
outfits of top quality. Set 4.99
JCPenneys 1971
Clothes for 15 inch dolls
Sueded Cotton mini vest-coat in brown with orange jumper. Fringe belt on
vest-coat. Pretty peasant dress is in shades of purple with red turtleneck
shirt. Purple vest, white trim. Green pants with multi-striped, long-sleeved
shirt. Plastic and metal chain belt.
1.99 each or 3 for 5.00
Crissy Doll and Velvet Doll
1971 Catalog Threads

See the catalog outfits and text as it was in the actual catalogs in 1971.

Please Note: These advertisements are for your viewing enjoyment, items
are not for sale on CrissyTown.
Clothes for 17-1/2 in. Fashion dolls
Shorts with maxi coat-vest. Red shorts, navy blue coat. White shirt.
Ruffled dress ribbon belt. Purple pantsuit with bag, headband.
1.99 each or 3 for 5.00
Fit Crissy, Kerry or other fashion dolls:
samba skirt with top and hot pants,
long-torso mini, bellbottoms with tunic,
leisure coat, A-line with pantyhose.
Dolls not included.
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