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5 Outfits for 15-in. Dolls 4.99 set
Stylish wardrobe for Velvet, Dina or other
fashion dolls. For all occasions: hot pants
ensemble with skirt, pajamas, shift and
shorts set, jumper style dress, 3-pc.
poncho set. Dolls not included.
5 Outfits for 17-1/2-18-in. Dolls 5.99 set
Stylish wardrobe for Crissy, Brandi or
Aimee. For all occasions: hot pants
ensemble, nightie, slacks with long tunic,
mini dress with stretch tights.
Dolls not included.
Go Mix and Match..a whole great
wardrobe set including a match-up jumper,
blouse, overalls, polo shirt and hat plus a
bright mini dress.
Weekender Set..a perfect travel
wardrobe set including sailor outfit with
slacks, blouse, scarf plus shorty nightgown
and robe for sweet dreaming.
Montgomery Wards 1972
Sears & Roebuck 1972
Aldens 1972
Eatons 1972
15-inch toddler doll. 5 groovy
outfits. ** set 4.99
18-inch doll. 5 with-it outfits for
every occasion! ** set 4.99
Set of seven outfits for Velvet,
Dina and other 15 inch doll. Wardrobe
includes brown jean set with bag,
calico dress and panties, red dress
with panties, green skirt, panties and
matching green top, hat and scarf,
multi-color peasant skirt outfit, summer
sun dress and panties and cute beach
set for hot summer days.
Set 9.98
Set of seven outfits for Crissy,
Brandi and other 18-inch doll.
Wardrobe includes an evening dress,
gold and white checked mini dress,
long coat with hood attached, sailor
dress, purple knit pantsuit,
peasant-style dress and a checked
mini coat with hot pants underneath.  
Set 9.98
JCPenneys 1972
Fashion outfits for Crissy and Brandi
and other 17-1/2 inch dolls. Long Maxi
Coat with hood and fur trim on sleeves,
red leather-look pants and jacket with
printed blouse, granny dress with
multi-floral design with white lace trim.
1.99 each or 3 for 5.00
Fashion outfits for Velvet and Dina and
other 15 inch dolls. Green outfit with
matching scarf and hat, brown jeans outfit
with striped top, vest and matching bag, red
peasant dress with white yoke
and black bow trim.
1.99 each or 3 for 5.00
Crissy Doll and Velvet Doll
1972 Catalog Threads

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