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Aldens 1973
5 outfits fit all 15-in. toddler
dolls. Set 4.99
Crissy Doll and Velvet Doll
1973 Catalog Threads

See the catalog outfits and text as it was in the actual catalogs in 1973.

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and all 18-in. dolls.
5 "with-it" outfits for all
occasions! Set 4.99
Eatons 1973
JCPenneys 1973 & 1974
These same 6 outfits were offered for two years in the
JCPenney Catalog.
Montgomery Wards 1973
Crissy & Velvet Catalog Fashions 1970
Crissy & Velvet Catalog Fashions 1971
Crissy & Velvet Catalog Fashions 1972
Crissy, Velvet & Cinnamon Catalog Fashions 1973