Brandi – Crissy's Malibu California Cousin

Hi my name is Brandi and I am 18" tall. I am Crissy and
Velvet’s California cousin. I have honey blonde hair and
bright blue painted on eyes.  Dina is my kid sister. I came
wearing an orange lace up bathing suit and dark orange
elastic lace up clogs. I came out in 1971 and have a Posin'
Style waist. I can wear all of Crissy's Mod fashions too.
Check out my heart tattoo on my cheek - its stylin'!
stock no 1068-6
My same-sized doll
friends are
Kerry & Tressy.
crissy doll crissy dolls beautiful crissy doll
Here's an Canadian Brandi wearing
a hard-to-find Eaton's 1973 evening dress