Sears Exclusive - Posin’ Cricket
Available in Brown-eyed and Blue-eyed verisons.

Hi I am 16" Posin' Cricket!  I am so happy to meet all of you. Well, I just have to talk
about my friend Velvet.  Isn’t she pretty?  She needed a new friend as I guess Mia
moved away or something so they designed me.  I adore Velvet and we love to play
games and fix each other’s hair in lots of pretty styles.  I first came out in 1971.  See
my long copper penny colored hair. I was released with short foundation hair, but
sometimes I can be found sporting longer foundation hair - see the picture below for
comparison. I wore the sweetest orange and white dress (styled like Velvet’s purple
one) and had on shiny dark orange T-strap shoes to coordinate. I had a cute little
hair pick too – sometimes though it gets lost along the many travels I make.

I am a Sears Store exclusive too. Tressy and I had our pictures in the Sears catalog
and lots of children asked for us as their Christmas presents in the early 1970’s.  I
came in one body style only and they called it Movin’ Groovin’ but my box said
Posin’ Cricket.  I didn’t mind as  long as I could arrive into children’s homes before
Christmas or that special birthday party and see their face’s when they opened up
my box.  I fell in love with all my small owners.  Those are such sweet memories.  
Now I usually only get played with when no one else is around – occasionally my new
adult owners brush my hair, change my clothes or talk to me when no one else is
looking.  It brings back many so happy memories for me.  

In 1972 there were some versions released of me with blue eyes and had a darker
red shade of hair.  Please tell me how did they do that?  I only know that a few of me
are like that though.  No one really knows how many of me they released with blue
eyes.  Do you have me with blue eyes? I wore the same cute orange and white
dress but could be purchased with pretty blue bridesmaid dress - see me below
modeling it. That dress is so pretty – I feel like an angel when I am dressed in it.

Well I guess that’s it about me – check out my pictures below. I hope to see you
soon! Bye for now!
I am the same size
Ideal Velvet ,
Dina & Mia
Excellent Condition Blue-eyed Cricket
A beautiful brown-eyed Cricket
Cricket's Box
Cricket in the matching blue panties and a
Mint in Package Bridesmaid dress set.
A gorgeous Sears Exclusive blue-eyed
Cricket modeling the Bridesmaid dress
Note the difference in the foundation hair length of the two Cricket's shown.
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