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CrissyTown has asked
me to introduce this
"new" webpage - as its all
about me as a Baby! Hope
you enjoy reading about
my infantile days.  Tee Hee

Luv, Crissy
In 1973 Ideal Toy Corp issued a cherub-faced baby version of Crissy.
Her name, of course, was Baby Crissy!

Baby Crissy was 24" tall with the same Crissy grow hair feature,
although instead of a belly button and knob system for adjusting the
length of her grow ponytail, she had a pull ring attached to a string.
This ring had a post that fit into an eyelet opening on Baby Crissy's
back. When you wanted to shorten her hair, you would pull on the ring
and insert the post into the eyelet opening on her back. To make her
hair long again, you would remove the ring from her back and gently
pull on her grow ponytail. Baby Crissy’s hair was auburn with brown
highlights; she also was issued in a black version which had jet-black
hair. Her large head was made out of a soft vinyl and she had jet-black
pupil-less stationary eyes.  She had long thick lashes, painted
eyebrows, pink lips and white painted teeth.

Ideal did not issue any special fashions for Baby Crissy as instead her
appeal was that she could wear real baby clothes as she was the same
size as a 9 month old baby. She was an instant hit! She was introduced
wearing a darling 2-piece dress and matching panties set (the white doll
in pink, the black doll in lavender; although both dolls can be found
wearing either color) she was not issued with any shoes. Ideal sold this
beautiful baby doll from 1973-1977.

In 1980 Baby Crissy was re-released, this time she had hollow vinyl
limbs, darker, lesser quality hair and was now sporting the white romper
with baby yellow gingham trim on the majority of these dolls and baby
lime green gingham trim on a much lesser number of dolls. The last
year she was produced, 1981 she wore a pink gingham outfit that is
relatively hard to find.
Baby Crissy Photo courtesy of Snowy Woodz
The Baby Crissy dolls from the 1970s have cheeks and limbs that are soft
and squishy - while the dolls issued in the 1980s are made out of a more
hard rigid vinyl material.
Photo used by permission of Carla Marie Cross
Baby Crissy Instructions Photo used by
permission of Carla Marie Cross
Baby Crissy had 4 types of boxes. The first was a short, square,
window-less box in which the doll was placed in a sitting position. The
2nd box was a taller, window-less box, the 3rd was a 2-piece box with a
window on the front. The bottom of that box was sturdy cardboard,
while the top was very flimsy cardboard. These boxes are usually found
in rough condition due to the poor quality of the box top. Also it is not
uncommon for the window to have come unglued. The 4th was a
one-piece, heavy duty box. This was the only box that was entirely
wrapped in shrink wrapping.

The 70's baby Crissy's heads were wrapped in plastic, where the early
80's dolls were not. They were issued with a hair net and a plastic
Baby Crissy Photos courtesy of Snowy Woodz
NRFB Baby Crissy
with Inserts

These photos show a NRFB Baby
Crissy with the cardboard stabilizing
inserts that came with this issue.

It's uncommon for them to show up on
today's secondary market. Also note
Baby Crissy's tissue wrapping at the
end of her ponytail. Her ponytail is
fully retracted as shown in the main
photo above on the right.

Information and photos
submitted by Snowy Woodz.
Thanks Snowy!
Baby Crissy Photos
courtesy of Snowy Woodz
Teeny Baby
In the late 1980's / early 1990's, Baby Crissy was again re-issued but
some dolls did not have the grow-hair feature. Some Baby Crissy's
were 18-inch drink and wet dolls.
More Baby
A Cherub-faced Baby Crissy with Green Eyes - 1995 Beauty Parlor Issue by Tyco
Photos used by permission of Carla Marie Cross
Projected for release in 1974 was Ideal's Baby Velvet Doll.
Unfortunately, this Velvet was never marketed to the public to join Baby
Crissy to become endeared in the hearts of the children of the Mid-70's.
Known only to have existed as a prototype (collectors refer to the photo
at the left from the Ideal Catalog) you likely won't be seeing a Baby
Velvet for sale at today's online auctions, or anywhere else for that

Obviously, at least one was made for the purposes of this photo shoot  
but whether any others were produced is unknown. And whether this
doll even still exists today is anybody's guess -- perhaps she was part
of the elaborate historical display at Ideal's old headquarters, that was
dismantled and largely thrown in the rubbish when Ideal was  taken
over by CBS in the early '80's. For more information on that we
recommend Judith Izen's excellent publication (see below on this

Or by some small miracle, did a former Ideal employee end up with
her? In any case, to possess a Baby Velvet would be the apex and
crowning glory of any Crissy enthusiast! If the actual doll ever surfaces
you can expect to hear about it at CrissyTown, like we gave you the
story first on that no less than fabulouso
Mexican Crissy earlier!

And just why did the Ideal Toy Co. publish the ad for Baby Velvet in their
catalog and then scrap her production? The answer to the question
lies simply in the company's financial situation and the already
changing atmosphere surrounding Ideal's total production output at
the time. Remember, 1974 was the last production year of our Crissy
doll as we knew her from 1969 to that year. That and the fact that only
16% of Ideal's production output in 1974 consisted of
toys makes the
picture clear enough. Sadly enough, Ideal was not the Ideal Toy
Company they used to be.

Baby Velvet is only one of many toys conceived by Ideal and other toy
manufacturers that just never got off the drawing board, so to speak.

But we just can't help thinking they made a big mistake and
the Baby Velvet doll with her precious little face & winning
smile would have been a great hit and feather in Ideal's cap!
Special Thanks to the following Baby Crissy Webpage contributors:  Snowy Woodz, Carla Marie Cross & Judith Izen.
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The Crissy Doll Family
Encyclopedia by
Carla Marie Cross
You can buy it at
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Collector's Guide to Ideal Dolls
Identification & Values"
by Judith Izen

A plethora of info on Ideal dolls at
your fingertips!
See Judith's website too at
Baby Velvet (1974) 20” foam body, lavender sleep
eyes, blonde grow hair.

Photo courtesy of Judith Izen from the book:
"Collector's Guide to Ideal Dolls Identification & Values"
Used by permission. Photo Restoration by WebStudio 8.