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I am 18" tall and looking at you now with these thoughtful deep black eyes.
My name is
Crissy doll and as you have already noticed, my eyes open and close so I can be sure to get
plenty of rest -- when I am not being played with that is!  But my real claim to fame, if you want to call it that
-- is this wonderful growing hair mechanism that Ideal gave me. It was 1969 and long hair was "in" along
with all kinds of groovy mod fashions (yes, those LOUD things you used to wear and your kids make fun of
now in those old photos of you)

Getting back to the grow hair thing, yes I was the first doll of my larger size to allow you to pull my hair out of
my head, crank in back in, pull it out, crank it in, pull it out...well, you get the picture. I kept the kiddos pretty
busy but it was tremendously fun!  My same-sized doll friends were
Kerry, Tressy and Brandi. There were
some smaller dolls before me that "grew hair" also, see the More Grow Hair Girls page for more about that.

There is SO much to explain about myself it can't all be said right here! But browsing this page you will
get a good primer on my "early days" and the other major versions of me, namely:

Movin' Groovin Crissy - I have a swivel waist for more lifelike poses - what fun!
Talky Crissy - You pull my string and I jabber about stuff -- mostly pertaining to my constant needs!
Look Around Crissy - Again you pull my string, but to entertain you I do the twist, sort of.

There are four later major releases of me also:

Crissy with Swirla Curler - Back to my old body style with a thingy to curl my hair.
Crissy with Twirly Beads - Me again with a new "hairdo dangle" to decorate me with. Yippie!
Magic Hair Crissy - No grow hair, no sleep eyes -- I'm not feeling myself these days!
Country Fashion Crissy - Ok, so I look like Velvet, and my knob is gone, things could be worse!

I hope this Knowledge Base will be of use as valuable resource and everyone who visits will benefit from it.
So thanks for coming & come again soon!
They told me I had to appear here in
my birthday suit for you...
(how embarassing!)

For a "behind the scenes" view
just roll right over me!
I won't mind a bit :)
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Ideal first produced the Crissy Doll with
auburn hair "that grows right down to her toes!"

Commonly known as the "hair to the floor"
model, these early production dolls are quite
sought after today and were only in production
about six months in 1969.

Because the range of the hair length when
retracted only brought the hair as high as the
doll's lower back and no shorter, perhaps Ideal
desired shorter hair styles to be possible.

Regardless of the reasons the next release of
Crissy, also in 1969 came with much shorter
tresses that could be shortened around
shoulder length.

Crissy's hair stayed this length throughout the
rest of her initial production years to 1974.
The year 1970 brought very little
change to Crissy outside her wardrobe.

Ideal worked mainly on expanding the
line of fashions for her and also her
new cousin doll, Velvet.

White and Black versions of the Crissy
and Velvet doll were being produced in
large numbers which is reflected today
in the second hand market - you will
see more dolls offered from the
1969-1970 era than the later years.

But while 1970 may have been a
rather understated year for her, the
world of Crissy was about to explode
with new interest in 1971 when Ideal
launched many new dolls, fashions
and accessories for the ever growing
family of Crissy!  

To continue the story of
Ideal Crissy
doll and Velvet doll and their friends
and family click any of the links below!
Primo example pix courtesy of Cheryl :-)
Two Beautiful Hair to the floor Crissy's modeling Sear's Exclusive - Marabou gowns
Photo Courtesy of Kim Nelson
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