In 1971 the Ideal Toy Company launched the
biggest marketing onslaught for their Crissy doll
line of dolls the scale of which was never

Beside new innovations & exciting body styles for
Crissy and Velvet, a family of growing hair and
"Posin" style girls started to emerge from Ideal's
factories to hit toy store shelves all across

Crissy and Velvet both came out in Movin'
Groovin' and Talky body styles.  Also In 1971
Ideal released Crissy and Velvet's companions
Kerry and Mia.

Posin' Tressy and Posin' Cricket which were only
sold in Sears Dept. Stores made their debut the
same year.

New accessories and fashions for the dolls came
in stride. Packaging for the newer fashions
became more simple & cost effective but also  
recognized the new family members and
promised compatibility.  Surely 1971 was a year
that it must have been difficult to make a choice
just what Crissy family items to buy!
stock no 1082-7 for both dolls
Photo courtesy of Cheryl
The 1971 Talky Crissy doll has 12 different
sayings and is the most common of the Crissy talkers.
A rarer 6 phrase model was also produced in 1972
with six different sayings and shipped in a
photographically illustrated box rather than the former
artistic illustration box.
Also, even rarer 7 phrase models of the Talky Crissy
are known to exist. This very interesting Crissy may be
a saleman's sample, although that is not confirmed
and may never be. But the 7 phrase doll does exist for
whatever reason it may be! We will have a sound byte
of the seventh saying online soon at Talky Town.
Note: Speaker opening position on the
12 phrase Talky doll. Talky Crissy is
the only Crissy that has a molded
navel. The hair release button is
placed higher on the torso to allow for
the talking mechanism.
The string is located on the side of the
doll's torso in the 12 phrase models
Talky Crissy's foundation hair can
be cut in a "shag" hair style
or be cut longer.  

See 3 Talky 6-phrase dolls below -
all 3 have different foundation hair
Talky Crissy's represent the apex of Ideal's craftsmanship
invested into the Crissy doll line. Because of the added voice
mechanism the Talky dolls were generally twice the price of
the non-talking models. A casual look at online auctions will
show a much lower ratio of the Talky models in accordance
with nearly all the other common models or versions of the
Crissy family.

With all the other models available in 1971-72 the sales of
Talky Crissy's may have been lower than other Crissy dolls
with this resulting in lower numbers of them on the secondary
market today. Many dolls that do make it to the secondary
market are broken and will not talk. It is hard to find an
excellent example of these dolls. No black Talky Crissy or
Velvet dolls were produced by Ideal.  
Please note that Talky Crissy was
only produced as a white doll.
In 1972 Ideal came out with a new
The Look Around Crissy has a
string that you pull to set some gears
and springs and stuff in motion to allow
the doll to rotate from the waist and
neck to give the impression of casting a
glance in your direction. Along with the
Talky models this mechanical
sophistication brought Crissy to a new
level of popularity even though it was
rather a gimmick. Eager young girls
pulled strings and delighted in the
results. Look Around Crissy was a hit.
Detail of back / string: Look Around Crissy
Detail of neck: Look Around Crissy
stock no. #1092-6 white
crissy doll
Six phrase Talky Crissy doll

Beside the different sayings of this doll it is also
easy to identify because of it's distinct physical
construction which is very different from the
standard Talky doll.

1. Speaker opening is in front of doll and not to
the side.

2. String is in the rear of doll over the right cheek

3. Six phrase Crissy has molded nipples rather
than the regular smooth chest.  
stock no. #1097-5 black
Look Around Crissy & Velvet's
Photo Courtesy of JJ
On the right and above is a beautiful unplayed
with Talky Crissy 12 phrase doll
Photo Courtesy of Snowy Woodz