In 1973 the Crissy Doll had
a new look and a new hair
gimmick. This is the year
Crissy Dolls were boxed with
white disk that sticks in her
grow hair hole. The disc had
little poles on it that you wind
Crissy's hair around when its
damp and leave over night.

When taken down the hair
would have luxurious curls!  
came The cute dress had a  
holiday flair for Xmas gift

This Crissy came with
adorable dark orange mary
janes that are shiny.
The base or foundation hair
had a definite curl too!  

Click here or on the
picture on the
left to see a  
stock no 1111- 4 for both dolls
It's 1974 and I have
another new look and
another new hair gimmick.
This is the year Ideal gave
me pink and white Twirly
beads. The beads insert
into my grow hair hole,
where they can be
arranged to create all
sorts of fun new hairstyles
for me. We can play for
hours with these cool
beads.  I came dressed in
a lovely red and white
checked granny-styled
gown and wore white Mary
Jane shoes.  My
foundation hair is curly
with this version too.
stock no 1210-4 white / black 1214-6
Crissy doll Photo courtesy of Amanda
It's 1977 and I truly do
not feel like myself. I
have a "new" grown
up look and have a
sexy body to match it.  
My hair is still red but I
do not have a grow
hair feature - instead I
have some hair
pieces that attach to
my head by Velcro.  I
know its weird and it
took a bit for me to
get used to it too. I
came dressed in a
feminine pink satin
skirt and a cute
summer-type top.
Check out my shoes -
they are slip on
sandals and I love
them.  See how pretty
my black version is?

Don't let my new looks
fool ya - you need me
in your Crissy
Magic Hair Crissy
stock no 1280-7
white / black
Black Magic Hair Crissy photos used by permission of Carla Cross
Here is the inspiration for CrissyTown's
having put the International Tour Crissy
"on ice" in the tour.
Check out this Ice Skating Crissy!

This interesting Australian doll appears
to be a variation of the Dorothy Hamill
and Her Skating Rink doll released in
the USA and France with a very similar
box design.

The two dolls are the same size, 12" tall.
Beautiful Ice Skating Crissy can be
posed in various skating movements...

Overhead Spin
Layback Spin
Crissy Spin
Figure Eight

One can make Ice Skating Crissy skate
by moving her Skating Rink with one's
hands and Crissy will skate for you!
Beautiful Ice Skating Crissy has on a
darling metallic gold skating costume
and has an ample head of auburn hair
similar to Grow Hair Crissy.

But the Ice Skating Crissy is a not a
growing hair doll. She is not an
Olympic Champion either but she is
definitely a cutie!
Find one, if you can!!  ;-)
1976 Olympic Gold Medal winner
Dorothy Hamill Doll made in 1978
Special thanks to JJ for his Skating
Crissy contribution.
Country Fashion Crissy

Boy in the 1980's I got a bad rap!  Please give me
a double take before deciding against including
me in your collection as I really am a unique

This is me in my Country Fashion Crissy version.  
I have on an adorable lavender gingham dress.  It
has the sweetest ruffle on the bottom.  I love my
straw bonnet too – this is the only version made
of me with a bonnet or hat!!!  I was released with
either brown eyes or lavender eyes.  I have a
pretty black version too - the black version has
amber eyes.
stock no 1035-5 white / black 1036-3
See my lovely lavender eyes?
Country Fashion Crissy & Beautiful
Crissy both had string which you
pull in their backs to make their
hair grow.  Isn't the black doll
lovely in her lavender gingham
dress? Don't miss adding these
cuties to your collection!
On the left is a black Velvet and the right is a black
Country Fashion Crissy - note the similarities.
Black Country Fashion Crissy
Beautiful Crissy

I was named Beautiful Crissy again here in my reissue version.  Take it from
me I am still no plain Jane!  I am dressed in a darling white dress that is
trimmed with petite pink lace.  I have on white T-strap shoes. Check out my
lovely red hair!  I have something very unusual and special about me -
sometimes you will find me with brown eyes and sometimes I have lavender
eyes.  Isn’t that neat?  I think so. I am 15” tall because my body is Velvet
size.  My face does look similar to Velvet but it’s a tad bit smaller.  I was
issued in a black version too (see below) - I have pretty amber eyes.  
stock no 1030-6 white / black 1031-4
See my lovely lavender eyes?
This is the catalog version of me!
See the eye and face size
comparison of me below and
judge for yourself. I look to have
a fuller face on the left (it's soft
and squishy too like all of my
Crissy versions) while the me on
the right is smaller and if you
squeeze my face its not soft at all.
Special thanks to JJ for his Skating
Crissy picture above - click on the
thumbnail to see a larger picture.
Click this link to see JJ's  
OOAK Skating Crissy!