Ideal released me
as an Canadian
Crissy doll also.
I have a much
peachier skin tone
and pretty light
coral lips. I wore
the same icon
orange lace
and bow tie shoes
as the original 1st
& 2nd edition
Crissy's - except
my shoes are
shiny orange - like
Cricket's. I have a bit
of blue eyeshadow
See me I am a Canadian Crissy 3rd
edition doll with my box below. I  
came with a letter to Mother written
in English and French below. My
box has writing in French and
English. My outfit is the same as
my regular 3rd edition version
except my shoes are shiny
turquoise. I also have blue
One of the curiosities involved in Crissy
Doll production is the odd hair color
variation known as the "brown-haired"
Crissy. A good number of these dolls
were released so they are not too
difficult to obtain on the secondary
market. Instead of having auburn
tresses this doll has unmistakably
brown hair with a golden sheen to it.

Nothing on the packaging or enclosures
designated a "brown-haired" Crissy.
However, they seem to all be 2nd
edition straight-bodied issues. Ideal Toy
production records were destroyed
when CBS took over in the 1980's so
there is no way of knowing if this doll
was planned to have this hair color or it
was "accidental" meaning a supplier
sent this hair to an Ideal factory and
they just used it even though the color
was decidedly different.

This brown toned hair variation tends to
be on the woolly side. See the pictures
below to see comparisons with the
regular red haired Crissy. Be sure to
add this unique version to your Crissy
family collection.
Don't forget to add
these two "UK" beauties
to your collection too.
They look very similar to
the regular Crissy and
Velvet issue but have
strings with a button
type circle attached
(see photo) to the string
which you pull to
shorten their ponytails.
They also have cute
molded bellybuttons.
Photo Courtesy of Amanda
Click here to see
"UK" Cinnamon's Box!
Note the beautiful
brown tones of the
Crissy doll's hair on
the right. The hair is
a softer texture also.

Some of the
brown-haired dolls
have dark eye
makeup while others
do not.
The brownette
on the right is
modeling a Sears
Lingerie set by
Sears 1972.