Canadian Crissy Family Versions

The list below was compiled by our friend and a #1 Gorgeous Tressy fan tulaterry

(F/E means French/English box):

Crissy, 3rd issue in the aqua dress (F/E, very common, caucasian)
Velvet, 1st issue (F/E, very common, caucasian)
Movin' Groovin' Crissy and Velvet (F/E, both caucasian)
Look Around Crissy and Velvet (F/E, tons of both, and both caucasian)
Velvet's little sister (F/E, caucasian)
Hairdoodler Cinnamon (F/E, caucasian)
Swirla-Curler Crissy (F/E, caucasian)
Beauty Braider Velvet (F/E, caucasian - her sister had one!)
Swirla Daisies Velvet (F/E, caucasian)
Gorgeous Tressy (1st issue only)
Brandi (the F/E box is pretty rare) - but no Dina has been seen
Crissy/Velvet tote (white handle, vivid graphics)

A Special thanks goes to tulaterry!

Australian Crissy Family Versions

The list below was compiled by our friend and a #1 Crissy fan JJ
A Special thanks goes to him! ;)

1st edition Velvet
2nd edition Crissy
3rd edition Crissy

Beauty Braider Velvet
Swirla Curler Crissy

Swirly Daisies Velvet
Twirly Beads Crissy

Brandi and Dina

Velvet's Lil Sister

Cinnamon which was dressed in the overall set with navy T-strap shoes on - never white or orange.

Skating Crissy

All the dolls had flower knobs only.

Many outfits were available - but not any shoe packs, beauty parlor, totes or accessories.

There wasn't a Hair to floor 1st issue Crissy, also no issues of  Cricket, Tressy, Mia, Kerry, or Tara dolls.
There wasn't any black dolls at all - of any issues. There were not any Velvet or Crissy Movin Groovin ,
Look Around issues or Talky versions.
Photo courtesy of tulaterry
Photo courtesy of tulaterry
Photos courtesy of JJ
Photo courtesy of JJ