I am the
same size
Cricket &
stock no 1059-5
Minty Mia picture collage by Snowy Woodz.
Mia & Velvet - Forever Friends!

Dina –  Velvet’s Malibu California Sweetheart

Hi my name is Dina.  I am Crissy and Velvet’s little California
cousin. I joined the family in 1971.  I have platinum blonde
hair and blue painted on eyes with dimples.  I am wearing a
pair of lilac and white knit overalls that have darling mini
mice on them.  I also have a cute butterfly shaped tattoo on
my leg – do you like butterflies? Hey check out my cool white
elastic lace up clogs too – I am ready to play or head to the
beach!  I have a Posin' Style waist.
I am the same size as Mia,
Cricket & Velvet

See the varied length of my
foundation hairstyles above!  

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stock no 1037-1
Dina in Ideal Fashion Smocked
Photo courtesy of Cheryl
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Mia – Velvet's Beautiful Friend

Hi my name is Mia.  I have brunette hair and pretty
Caribbean blue eyes. Put put me in the sun see the pretty
highlights in my hair! I came along in 1971 to pal around
with Velvet. Boy did we have to try on a lot of clothes that
year! Haha I came in a cute little baby blue romper and
wore baby blue T-strap shoes. I love to play hide n’ seek
with Velvet and even play games with Cinnamon. Do you
have me? I would love to meet you!  
I was made with a straight body style only.
Dina's Elusive Tatto
Photo courtesy of Kim Nelson
Dina in Ideal Fashion Dandy Denmins