I am 16" tall, & Crissy's 10 year old cousin. See my sparkly lavender eyes!
Like cousin Crissy, my eyes open and close so watch out I might be peeking at you!  And also like Crissy my
long hair can grow, and grow -- or you can make it short depending on how you dressed me in all my
wonderful fashions. In 1970 I made my very first appearance on the shelves of your favorite toy or department
store. If you saw me there staring at you then no doubt you wanted to take me home then and there -- maybe
you hadda wait until Santa brought me that Christmas but, gee wasn't I worth the wait? (giggle)

Next to my big cousin I was, and still am pretty important you know because, like her Ideal made all these
different versions of me...Just Look!

Movin' Groovin Velvet - I have a swivel waist for more lifelike poses - Am I not just adorable?
Talky Velvet - You pull my string and I say 6 cute things -- Come play with me!
Look Around Velvet - Again you pull my string, but to entertain you I do the twist, sort of.

There are three later major releases of me also:

Velvet with Beauty Braider - Back to my old body. Stick the braider in my head & braid my hair.
Velvet with Swirly Daisies - Me again with a new "hairdo dangle" to decorate me with. Keen!
1981 Issue Velvet - It's still me, Velvet...but my knob is gone, I got a string for my grow hair.

There are also other minor variations of me not to mention all the black versions of me so keep on reading.
CrissyTown has covered them all and don't miss my little sis's (
Ideal Cinnamon doll) page either.  Thanks for
visiting & come again soon!
Gee...I couldn't find a THING to
wear today!

For a "behind the scenes" view
roll your little mousy over
my picture :)
New! See Velvet's Ideal
Fashions here!
Crissy's Cousin Velvet
Stock No. 1035-5 / 1036-3 (blk version)

My same-sized friends are
Mia, Cricket & Dina
First Edition Black Velvet photo
courtesy of Cheryl
Movin' Groovin Velvet
Stock No. 1027-2 / 1091-8 (blk version)
Movin' Groovin' feature: A swivel and
tilt waistline modification to the body.
Ideal put Movin Groovin Velvet's box to good
use to show off some the newest fashions
available for her to wear! The Kelly Coat, Glad
Plaid, Ruffled Up, and Smarty Pants were all
showcased on one side of the box.
Hair and Fashion TIps
This booklet came with Movin Groovin Velvet
and not only shows some of her outfits but also
different suggestions for styling her long silky
blond hair!
Talky Velvet's foundation hair can be cut in a "shag"
(see photo below) or have the regular Velvet hairdo
as shown here.  Photo courtesy of Amanda
Talky Velvet
Stock No. 1028-0 (wht only)
This is where my speaker is. Ideal had to raise
the position of my grow hair release button to
house the voice mechanism inside of me. The
way I work it's not much different from an old
Edison cylinder reproducer!
Around back you can see my string
that you pull with the cute butterfly! My
bod is also fastened together by
Here's a few pictures of my
shaggy haircut on the left.

See me (Talky Velvet) with my
hair wrapped still - its hard to tell
how my foundation hair is cut!  
Around back you can see the string with
the butterfly. Pull the string and I will
twist my upper body and head and
seem to "Look Around"
My neck is different as it is designed to
rotate when you pull my string.  
Look Around Velvet
Stock no 1093-4 white / 1098-3 black
Black Look Around Velvet
Photos courtesy of JJ
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my Little Sister-  
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Velvet's photo
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photos of her
Here's a few
pictures of a
black Velvet

courtesy of
Rebecca Rau
Black Look Around Velvet
Photos courtesy of JJ
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