Hair related accessories and
gimmicks were the hallmark of the
later issues of me. I guess that
Ideal was running out of Ideas!
Ok, here I am with this thing poked
down in my grow hair outlet in the top
of my head. I know it looks pretty silly
but this doo-dad really worked well to
give me some very cool braids.
Get one and Try it out yourself!
Velvet with Beauty Braider
Stock No. 1113-0
The many faces of Velvet!
Beauty Braider doll & Box
Black Velvet with Beauty Braider
Stock No. 1114-8

(Here I am wearing an Ideal Dress called Checker Check)
Velvet with New Swirly Daisies
Stock No. 1211-2
Photo courtesy of Cheryl
Here I am in1981.
I look pretty much the
same except my
foundation hair is parted
on the side and its a little
curly.  I have on a cute
white dress with pink and
white lace trim and a pink
sash.  Notice the color of
my eyes in my black
version - they are
topaz-hued.  Pretty huh?

The way you adjust my
hair is different, I have a  
string in the back that you
pull.  When you pull my
string it tickles! haha
Velvet (1981)
Stock No. 8536-5
Black Velvet (1981)
Stock No. 8540-7
Don't forget to add
these two "UK" beauties
to your collection too.
They look very similar to
the regular Crissy and
Velvet issue but have
strings which you pull to
shorten their ponytails.
They also have cute
molded bellybuttons.
Click here to visit UK
Velvet's page!
Photo Courtesy of Amanda
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Here's a Velvet that is a challenge to find for your
Crissy collection - especially with her Swirly Daisies
Hair Accesory and beautiful box! Isn't she pretty?
Velvet 1981 Reissue