Blue-eyed Cricket
& second edition Blue-eyed Tressy
Here they are!  
It's fab blue-eyed Movin' Groovin' Cricket
(who is a Sears Exclusive herself) in her
turquoise blue bridesmaid dress
standing up at the altar next to second
edition Movin' Groovin' Tressy in her oh
so lovely Sears Exclusive wedding dress.

Take a close look at their dress gift sets
as they were Mint-in-Package until their
arrival at CrissyTown, so we have every
cool piece.  Be sure when you purchase
a set off your favorite auction site that
the auction has all the bridal goodies
before bidding.  You won't want to miss
having a complete set!  We've included
the catalog pictures for your our dolls and sets are
not for sale.

Happy collecting and we hope you
catch the bouquet when Tressy throws
it!  ha ha

1972 Sears Catalog Pictures
See the catalog outfits and text as it was in the actual Sears catalog in 1972.
Please Note: These advertisements are for your viewing enjoyment, items are
not for sale on CrissyTown.

Cricket & Tressy in Sears Exclusive Wedding Gift Sets