Catalog Pix:
We hope you enjoy these pix! Actual toy catalog pages are good indicators of when
and where these dolls were originally available for purchase. Toy Catalog pages
have been used by toy collector's for many years to glean information about the toys
& dolls they enjoy collecting.
The images used here are the property of their respective owners, i.e. the stores who issued the catalogs
however many of these stores are not in business, nor are the images and text commercially viable or of
concern to the businesses that do still exist. Seeing they have not sold these products for many years nor
ever will again reproducing them here is for informational & educational purposes only.
There are no catalog examples of Uneeda's Jennifer doll before 1972.
Ward's claimed her as an "exclusive" yet Jennifer was also available in
'72 from Pennys and Spiegel. Could they have been referring just to this
auburn-hair doll with longer tresses? The world may never know...
In the 1970 Montgomery Wards Catalog Uneeda
Doll's Jo Ann was advertised right alongside Ideal's
Velvet and Crissy dolls as a "new friend" doll.
Jo Ann's size allowed her to wear the same fashions
that Ideal's Velvet could wear.
Joann pictured along with
Velvet and fashions
There are no catalog examples of Uneeda's Jennifer doll before 1972.
This is the '72 J.C. Penny's catalog advertisment showing a blonde
haired doll with the typical outfits she would be packaged with for a
few years to come. For just $5.99 she sounded like a good bargin!
JoAnn in 1970 with pictured with more outfits.
The cute brunette at the top is a version we
haven't seen - have you?
A Jennifer doll NRFB
Photo Courtesy of Carmen Varricchio
1971 Aldens Catalog - Jo Ann came with 4
outfits for just 8 bucks!
In 1972 the Alden's Catalog shows us a much
different looking Jo Ann doll that came with four
fashion outfits of her own. What a great find it
would be today to acquire this doll complete in this
original package!
More Jo Anns! This time all with dark hair instead of blond.
And more outfits - also note the Orange dress was with
everyone of the fashion sets, so it may be more common
than the others. JoAnn went down in price another penny!
The glamourous doll you've seen on
TV has a new cousin Velvet, and a new
friend, Joann. Their hair grows, too!