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Crecy is a larger,
bigger doll than Crissy - she has a
baby-styled face somewhat
similar to
Nasco's Joann or
Pre-Teen Tressy.  
She was sold with in
various hair colors, brunette,
dishwater blonde and
platinum blonde like ours,
no red hair like
Crissy's though!

She sports a shag hairdo - see her
foundation hair on the left?  
She has an extended part at the
bottom and then her hair grows
quite long down
her back.  

She has a body style similar to
Crissy but larger with
different hands - more babified.  
Her shoes are modeled like
Crissy - but with a
taller heel.  

She comes with white socks.

Crecy came dressed in
various outfits - including
the red, white and blue set
that our Crecy is modeling,
the blue dress shown on the
box and a cute 2-piece
mod pants set.  
Our verison came with the cute
necklace shown also.

Crecy is really her own doll, not a
Crissy copy!  

She has pretty light blue eyes.  
Stock no. 106102
Crecy is 18" tall
Her darling box which shows her other hair colors!
Crecy......with hair that grows and grows and grows!