Miss Marjie
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This sophisticated gal was created to compete with American
Character's fashionable Tressy prior to Crissy family's release in
1968. While we do not know the exact year, we do know that Miss
Marjie was released prior to 1967 as her doll company went out of
business that year.  Our grow hair gal is the only one we have ever

Miss Marjie's body was made out of a very thin plastic so when she
arrived to us her whole body was shattered in the box.  We replaced
her torso with a Tammy doll clone's body and legs.  Her grow hair
mechanism is fairly simple - her grow hair ring is located behind her
shoulder.  We are thinking that she may have been available in
grocery stores!  Her head is made of vinyl.  

Miss Marjie's grow hair is very long as you can see by the photos.

Please enjoy looking at the many photos we have taken to share her
uniqueness with you!
A hard-to-find Miss Marjie
Shown in her original outfit with
replacement Tammy shoes
Isn't her box lovely?
Miss Marjie with Ideal Tammy and Eegee's Grow Hair doll Shelley
body parts
- see her
grow hair
A close up of Miss Marjie's pretty face -  
not all Marjie's had Grow Hair
See hair style suggestions

Her darling box said:

Young hairdressers can
style unlimited number
of hair-dos
with Miss Marjie