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domestic manufacture...then we will move on to the ladies with lovely
locks that were produced overseas all over the world children were
eager to have a growing hair doll to call their very own! The demand
for grow hair girls produced some of the most unusual and elusive
dolls that collector's vie for today at online auctions and doll shows!  
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These little cuties really "grow" on you!  Miss
Claudette and Claudie both were Nasco
Creations. Miss Claudette stands 11.5" tall and
has painted on eyes,  long eyelashes and blue
eyeshadow; Claudie is only 6" tall and came in
blonde, red or black hair.  Their pony tails grow
long and short the same way that Joann's does.

Their boxes are darling and has all kinds of hair
style ideas such as - French braids, long pony
tail, bee hive, curl cascade and pixie tails.  

Miss Claudette's foundation hair is short & curly.  
Her grow hair pony tail is around 9" long.  
Claudie's foundation hair is also short & curly.  
Her pony tail is around 5" long.

These grow hair darlings look so similar you
have to wonder if they were released as sisters.

The Claudie version on the far left came wearing
cool white plastic go-go boots.  

You may want to add these small sweeties to
your grow hair doll want list!
In the photo above the brunette
Miss Claudette is modeling her
original pants suit, belt and
original black Mary Janes shoes.
The blonde Miss Claudette has
been redressed in a crocheted
dress - shoes have been
See the photo above shows three 3 Miss Claudette's in their original outfits.  Note the
cute red leatherette jumper, white top and white gogo boots.   
A hard-to-find Miss
Claudette in a
Although she was not of the highest quality
manufacture and meant to be a less expensive
alternative to Ideal Crissy offerings, Uneeda
Doll's Miss Deb is certainly a lovely doll and
worth locating for a grow hair girl collection.

Miss Deb's grow pony is not exactly like the
Joann doll. There is an elastic string attached to
the hair strand and a small plug on the doll's foot
but the method of adjusting the length is not as
versatile -- Deb's grow pony has a small bead
and the opening hole has a slot to hold the bead
in place, thus Miss Deb's hair is either full length
or as short as it gets. She has steel blue sleep
eyes and a very pleasant happy, but calm
expression that displays gentle poise.

Interestingly enough for all her demure looks
Miss Deb came dressed often in threads that
looked more like she was headed to a Rock
concert than an evening of the ballet.   

She is shown here on the left redressed in a
dress from our childhood collection that was
made by our mother 35 years ago. It is from a
modified Tiffany Taylor dress pattern.  Miss Deb
came dressed in at least three different
mod-look outfits & possibly others, plus two
different Miss Deb box styles.  It is noted at the
top of the standard purple box that Miss Deb had
3 versions - A, B and C.  

Magic Meg (see picture on right) looks much like
Miss Deb except she has been found in a red or
gold lame' jumpsuit.  She has jet black hair and
steel blue eyes.  Her foundation hair is
somewhat shorter than Miss Deb's and is fuller -
she has a side part.  

A later version of Miss Deb appeared in the box
shown below on the right.  Aside from her the
outfit she is dressed in she looks just like Magic
Meg, so perhaps this last version was devised
simply to market remaining Magic Meg stock.
This lovely example of Miss Deb has two-toned strawberry
blonde hair that gives her hair a frosted look! Miss Deb's hair
color and style (side part, center part, or bangs) can vary from
depending on the version.  
A lovely Magic Meg in her
original outfit and shoes.
Miss Deb in one of her original outfits. Note bangs and pigtails.
 This Miss Deb's hair is a lighter shade of red than Crissy's.  
Version C
Beautiful Miss Deb with brunette
hair and red highlights.
Note side part.
Photo courtesy of Margaret
Miss Deb box later version.  
Miss Deb came wearing the
dress outfit shown on the
front of the box.  Is there any
difference in this doll and
Magic Meg?
Magic Meg & Miss Deb
Miss Deb in one of her original outfits and original box.  
Shoes and hair tie have been replaced.
Version B
Miss Deb in what we believe to
be one of her original outfits.
This may be version A.
Photo courtesy of Margaret
Miss Deb in one of her
original outfits.
Version C
Miss Deb Outfits?  This brunette version of Miss Deb was
acquired with these cool outfits.
Photos courtesy of Margaret
Miki the doll with Hair that Grows

Miki, the Magic Hair doll who is
sometimes called Dana or Kim is a
small 6" tall Uneeda grow hair doll.  
With her small size she doesn't take
up much room at all. Her grow hair
mechanism operates like Miss Deb's
- her box has a graphic of her owner's
hand pulling on her grow hair pony
tail and instructs  - let back in for
short hair and pull out for long hair.

Miki came in  with various cases and
lots of little adorable fashions too.
Pert-N-Pretty was made by Horsman company.
She is so easy to love with her sweet face, blue
eyes and pretty strawberry blonde hair.  She is
shown here on the left modeling one of her
original outfits - the other is a cotton pink drop
waist dress with lace overlay on the bodice -
shown on the right. Both dolls were released
with white tights.  One wore black bow tie
shoes and the other one white bow tie shoes.
One version has foundation hair that has
bangs and the one does not have bangs.

This Pert-n-Pretty doll has Crissy's body with
flower knob. Her grow hair mechanism
operated just like Ideal Crissy's.
Mint-in-Box Pert-n-Pretty dolls
Claudette Wig by Nasco