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In 1976 Ideal released another grow
hair doll named Tara.  Ideal again was
a pioneer in their field as Tara was
created with realistic ethnic features.  
Tara was never noted to be a member
of Crissy's family - although she has
Velvet's body style.  She came
dressed in a darling yellow and white
checked pants suit (see photo to the
right) and bright yellow shoes. Tara
has black eyes like Crissy and a dark
red mouth. Her hair is black and she
does not have a part in her foundation
hair.  Ideal gave her two darling braids
that extend further than her shorter
foundation hair.  She is a beautiful doll
and one that you will want in your grow
hair doll collection.
Tara is modeling a JC Penneys catalogue
dress and vest set. This outfit is from our
childhood collection and is very good
condition. This is a hard-to-find set as the
bright colors tend to fade and the vest is
usually missing.
Black Velvet's and Tara
Photo Courtesy of JJ
Dollspart Supply Company offered a porcelain  
version of Crissy through their catalogue in
1980.  She was priced at $300 and was
dressed in an orange lace dress like Crissy's
original one and came wearing Crissy orange
shoes. She was listed in the Dollspart
catalogue as being 18 inches tall.

The sculpt of this doll's face simply does not
possess the accuracy or detail to portray
Crissy as she should appear, thus most
collectors will testify she is not the most
attractive reproduction of a Crissy doll.
Danbury Mint released a reproduction Crissy doll in 2003.  She was
very reasonably priced at $99 plus shipping cost.

This beautiful porcelain Crissy doll is a "must-have" for all Crissy
collectors. She stands a petite 16 inches tall and has pretty auburn
hair than is a little lighter in shade that the original Crissy's.  She has
black pupils and dark brown colored eyes. She has long pretty
eyelashes. The shoes are so similar to Crissy's original shoes that you
will be amazed - although they are smaller in scale. She was shipped to
the purchaser with a replica box like Crissy's original box. She was
created with a working grow hair mechanism and even has the Crissy
"flower-knob" in the back.  She came packaged with a stand, hangtag,
mini advertising poster and numbered certificate.
Goldilocks & MIP Outfit Photos
courtesy of Robin
Sheena is an inexpensive grow hair
doll that you can easily obtain for
your grow hair doll collection.
crissy doll crissy dolls velvet ideal
United Kingdom Palitoy doll company
offered yet another grow hair doll
version to the Grow Hair World named

Sheena made her debut in the 1970's
and oddly enough is 18 inches tall or
Crissy size but has Velvet-sized feet.
Her grow hair mechanism operates just
like Crissy's.

Sheena was released with a few mod
fashions -see pictures below of mint in
package outfits. She is shown here on
the left in her original dress and a pair
of Velvet's shoes.

Sheena has a regal look about her
with her ash blonde hair and pretty
blue eyes. Her foundation hair is curly
and quite easily styled.

Shown on the right is 15 inch
Goldilocks - another grow hair doll in
Palitoy's line of dolls. Her grow hair
mechanism operates like Crissy's also.
Goldilocks came with blue eyes or
brown eyes.
We've had this Clodrey fashion in our collection since
2007!  Crissy loves her French Grow Hair cousin!