Grow Hair World takes us to Japan where the Takara Doll
Company created the "Miss Long Hair" line of dolls beginning in 1970.
They were produced out of their own unique molds and bear little
resemblance to Tressy or Ideal Crissy doll family of dolls. In this
country very little information exists about the Miss Long Hair dolls.

However some basic knowledge can be derived from the dolls
themselves. We share that here on a page dedicated entirely to Miss
Take and her friends - Miss Hitomi and Miss Emily. We hope you enjoy
this glimpse of these fabulous Grow Hair beauties rarely seen outside
of their native country of Japan!
Of all the grow-hair dolls worldwide one of the most
strikingly beautiful & if not the most elusive for
Western collectors to acquire is the Takara Doll
Company of Japan's, Miss Take (Tah-key), and her
companion dolls, Miss Hitomi & Miss Emily.

To distinguish between
them you need only look at their
eyes. Miss Take has side-glancing painted eyes and lashes,
Hitomi has glass paperweight eyes & long lashes and Emily
has painted more forward-than-side looking eyes & long
rooted lashes. Of course there are other differences, too.

The year of Miss Take's debut was 1970 and if she
looks somewhat familiar you may have seen her Western
counterpart, the
Uneeda Jennifer doll that did not appear in
toy catalogs until 1972. However, Miss Take is a true growing
hair doll and Jennifer is merely a copy of the Takara mold.

Miss Take's grow-hair method is a simple string that
when pulled retracts the extra strand...a small plug on the
end of the string can be placed into the string's eyelet
opening on the doll's back to keep it from dangling free. To
make Miss Take's hair long again, you pull the strand upward
and out of the her head.  

Miss Take and her friends were accompanied by a large
wardrobe of fashions, accessories and very unique hair
items to choose from. Miss Take was certainly Japan's
answer to the call for "Crissy-like" growing hair doll for
Japanese children to play with. And indeed, Takara took Miss
Take and her friends to places of hair-related play value never
conceived of by the creators of A.C.Tressy or Ideal's Crissy!
One of the interesting
things about Miss Take is
the intricate detail and
variety of the hairstyles
that Takara Doll Company
used in Miss Take's

Play value was enhanced
in a Miss Take doll with the
many add-ons such as
braids and other
fashionable hair
pieces. Using these
Japanese children could
give their doll many
different looks.
A Hard-to-find Miss Take doll.
Miss Take (shown here in an original
bright orange cotton fabric and
cream lace colored dress). Please
note her unusual facial paint on the
right.  Her painted eyes are side
glancing and black in color with light
brown slashes on the lower half of
her eyes.
Miss Take came in several hair colors as shown here.
Miss Take's fashions ranged from traditional dress-up to
wilder Mod clothing, although Hitomi and Emily's fashions
tended to lean heavily to the Mod-side clothing styles.
Note: Dolls sold at retail did not have bending arms as depicted in
the catalog.
Note the grace and beauty of Miss Take on this pamphlet cover.
Roll your mouse over us and you will see our behinds!
The doll with the most unusual eyes!

Takara Toy company released their growing hair Miss Take - Miss
Long Hair doll in 1970 - two years before the American company,
Uneeda Doll launched their "Jennifer" doll. Miss Take doll is marked
MADE IN JAPAN TAKARA on her back and 1018 on the back of
head. The Uneeda Doll company copied this Takara doll to market
their own Mod fashion doll, Jennifer, (released in 1972). Thus, a
Jennifer doll's dimensions are slightly smaller than the Takara
originals. NOTE: Uneeda Jennifer is not a growing hair doll as the
original Takara Miss Long Hair is!

Miss Take dolls have greater overall definition while the Hong Kong
and Taiwan produced Jennifer's have a "smoother" appearance.

The first year Miss Take was released, she came dressed in a lace
dress similar to Ideal Crissy's orange lace dress. Miss Take's colored
lace dresses were lined with a matching fabric; while other versions
had a white lace overlay with a colored lining. Our first year edition
Miss Take is dressed in a red lace dress with an over-sized white
bow at the neckline. She has on her original white shoes and white
laced trimmed nylon panties.

The second year Miss Take came dressed in various classic or
mod-styled fashions. Takara also created MIP fashions for Miss Take.

Growing Hair doll Miss Take is hard to find even in Japan.
A CrissyTown Exclusive
A Made in Taiwan Jennifer and a Made in Japan Miss Take
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Miss Take
Miss Hitomi
& Miss Emily
Miss Take, Miss
Hitomi & Miss Emily
Doll only - Good
$20.00 - $25.00
$25.00 - $40.00
Dressed Doll - Good
$50.00 - $75.00
$75.00 - $85.00
Loose Clothing in
Played with Condition
(no damage)
$5.00 or Less
Dressed Doll with Box
Good - VG Condition
$100.00 - $125.00
$125.00 - $150.00
Loose Clothing in
Excellent Condition
$10.00 to $20.00
Doll in Mint
Condition with Box
Any outfit Mint in Box
$25.00 to $40.00
These figures are intended as a Guide to assist those who may not be familiar with the current
value of these dolls. Of course, true "value" is also an individually perceived thing. Since there
really is no "collector's market" for them outside Japan, faced with a purchase decision a potential
buyer may not wish to pay this much. Miss Take, Miss Hitomi and Miss Emily's outfits were
designed only to fit the Miss Long Hair line of Takara dolls, but they will also fit Uneeda Jennifer.
These are suggested prices converted from the Japanese Yen. Exceptional MIB may sell for more
and conversely poorer / damaged condition items lower than stated prices. Estimate Guide is for
dolls purchased within Japan and does not cover any shipping costs or other fees.