Grow Hair World takes us to Japan where the Takara Doll
Company created the "Miss Long Hair" line of dolls beginning in 1970.
They were produced out of their own unique molds and bear little
resemblance to Tressy or Ideal Crissy doll family of dolls. In this
country very little information exists about the Miss Long Hair dolls.

However some basic knowledge can be derived from the dolls
themselves. We share that here on a page dedicated entirely to Miss
Take and her friends - Miss Hitomi and Miss Emily. We hope you enjoy
this glimpse of these fabulous Grow Hair beauties rarely seen outside
of their native country of Japan!
Angelic-faced Miss Emily is 17" tall.

She is Takara's third & last grow hair
fashion doll produced in the early
Seventies and she came in different
hair colors and came packaged
wearing various outfits with many other
fashions sold separately. Emily is a
very unique doll quite different than the
earlier produced Miss Take.

Her ponytail is 13 inches in length and
our pictured example of Miss Emily has
beautiful golden brown hair with
ginger-colored highlights. Her long
foundation hair is 8 inches in length.
Her hair is made out of high quality
material and is very manageable. You
might note the original curl in Miss
Emily's hair still remains.

A unique attribute of Miss Emily is her
hair part. The part is slanted and the
front plugs are long and are combed
towards the back of her head while the
shorter bangs are combed over her
This white lace overlaying hot pink dress our Miss Emily is
modeling makes her feel as if she was walking on clouds :)
It was handmade especially for her in the style of Miss
Take's wardrobe.
Miss Emily measures up to
Uneeda's Jennifer and comes up more than one respect!
Hold mouse over image to see rear view
From head to toe Miss Emily and
Jennifer are quite different dolls.

Emily is a shorter doll 17" to this
Jennifer's 17.5". Emily's head is smaller
though facial features are similar.

Jennifer's clearly has longer and
also straighter arms with larger
hands and fingers. Emily's arms
are slightly bent at the elbow, and
she also has a more defined
and fuller chest.

Emily has a swivel-type waist and
straight legs while Jennifer has a
straight body and "V-type" legs

Emily's legs are slightly shorter
and less slender than the
Jennifer dolls legs.

If Uneeda's Jennifer doll was
adopted from Takara's Miss Take
molds then it is plain to see that
Emily is a totally different doll than
either of them and Takara
designed her nearly from
the ground up!
Miss Emily wearing an original bellbottom pants
outfit with cute rick-rack at the pants cuff &
bell-sleeved smock with Swiss accented red
satin trim and a white daisy ornament. Miss
Emily & Miss Hitomi's clothes fit Jennifer but are
too slim for Crissy & Velvet.
Hold mouse over image for side view
This frontal view further displays the
differences of Miss Emily and Uneeda's
Jennifer. This Jennifer with brunette hair also
has paint with darker eyes & fuller eyelash
treatment just like a Takara Miss Take.   
Back view of Emily showing the length of her
grow hair ponytail and long foundation hair that
extends to her elbows.
Here is a dark auburn haired Jennifer
with Miss Emily - note that this Jennifer
has lighter eye make up than the
brunette Jennifer on the right.
From the Far East with her Western sisters Miss Emily & Jennifer are a sweet trio to behold!
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