Grow Hair World takes us to Japan where the Takara Doll
Company created the "Miss Long Hair" line of dolls beginning in 1970.
They were produced out of their own unique molds and bear little
resemblance to Tressy or Ideal Crissy doll family of dolls. In this
country very little information exists about the Miss Long Hair dolls.

However some basic knowledge can be derived from the dolls
themselves. We share that here on a page dedicated entirely to Miss
Take and her friends - Miss Hitomi and Miss Emily. We hope you enjoy
this glimpse of these fabulous Grow Hair beauties rarely seen outside
of their native country of Japan!
Hard-To-Find Miss Hitomi is 17" tall.

She is Takara's second grow hair
fashion doll produced in the early
Seventies and she came in different
hair colors and came packaged
wearing various outfits with many
other fashions sold separately. Hitomi
is a very unique doll quite different
than the earlier produced Miss Take
and their other friend doll, Miss Emily,
as Hitomi has gorgeous paperweight  
brown eyes and long eyelashes.

Our Miss Hitomi's foundation hair is
styled in a shorter bob style than her
friends and is a beautiful brunette
color. She is dressed in an original
outfit as shown on an advertisement
on the back of one of her
fashion boxes below.

Miss Hitomi has a poseable-style
body like Miss Emily, not the straight
body style like Miss Take and
Uneeda's non-grow hair doll Jennifer.
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Japanese Grow Hair Dolls
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Miss Hitomi is welcomed to
Grow Hair World
by two Miss Take's with a
complimentary visit to the
Beauty Saloon (yes, its says
saloon on the front of the case -
not salon) that was made
exclusively for
Miss Take and her
grow hair friends
Miss Emily & Miss Hitomi
by Takara Doll Company in
the early 1970's.
CrissyTown Spotlight
on Miss Hitomi
A CrissyTown Exclusive