Grow Hair World takes us to Japan where the Takara Doll
Company created the "Miss Long Hair" line of dolls beginning in 1970.
They were produced out of their own unique molds and bear little
resemblance to Tressy or Ideal Crissy doll family of dolls. In this
country very little information exists about the Miss Long Hair dolls.

However some basic knowledge can be derived from the dolls
themselves. We share that here on a page dedicated entirely to Miss
Take and her friends - Miss Hitomi and Miss Emily. We hope you enjoy
this glimpse of these fabulous Grow Hair beauties rarely seen outside
of their native country of Japan!
Another MIP Mod fashion set designed
for Miss Hitomi and Emily dolls.
Shown is a MIP Mod fashion set
designed for Miss Hitomi and Emily dolls.
While a doll case idea is nothing new for fashion dolls - Takara took the idea a step further and created a unique portable beauty salon
case (it actually reads saloon on the front) for Miss Take and her friends - Miss Hitomi and Miss Emily. The case had a removable and
adjustable hair salon-type hooded hair dryer with a real mirror vanity, not that cheap mylar junk! It even has a cabinet for all of Miss Take's
hair care items too. The case had a nice plastic handle with a daisy design on it and two Takara logos too - one on each end. The case
sides fold together and have a clear wrap around strap that attaches to the sides of the case with hook and loop fastener.
Here's another interesting case
that is round-shaped with
pictures of Miss Hitomi and Miss
Emily on the front.  It has a
chain strap. We know that while
Miss Hitomi and Miss Emily are
grow hair dolls, Takara also
marketed wigs for them, so
maybe this was a carrying case
for their wigs. We have seen this
store hair care accessories also
such as a Crissy-style hand held
hair dryer, comb and brush set
and hair pieces.
Shown is a MIP Mod fashion set designed for Miss Take
This is the back of one of the
Miss Take fashion sets - note the
groovy clothes and another view
of the beauty salon.
Hold your mouse over picture to see the rear view.
The package says: Miss Take Longhair Hair Decoration Set

They were produced to match the hair color of particular Miss Take dolls.
There were also different various hairpieces to produce a wide range of styles for
Miss Take. The rear view shows some examples of how the hair decoration sets
hairpieces can be used. These sets are inexpensive when found.
While Takara Toy Company created
various fashions for Miss Take and her
friends, they also created different
shoe styles.

One shoe style looks very similar to 1972
Uneeda Jennifer's shoes - a doll released
two years after Takara's Miss Take.  See
Miss Take wearing those on the left.

Its very easy to identify Miss Take's shoes
as Takara has their logo on the bottom.

Another shoe looks like Ideal Velvet's
T-Strap shoes and the third is a variation
of a moccasin style - see that style on
Miss Emily on the left.

All three shoe styles have a R and L shoe
although they are not identified by
any markings.
This hair care set has a special rinse to use on
Miss Take's hair to cure any bad hair day.  
Miss Take & Her Friend Miss Emily
A CrissyTown Exclusive
Although the illustrations
do not particuarly look like
the Miss Take doll they are
nice examples of Japanese
art depicting the large eyes,
diminutive mouth and nose
& pointed chin often seen
in dolls like the Takara
Jenny and Licca. Not to
mention the graphic display
of the usage of the many
hairpieces. And they are
very pretty too!
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Miss Long Hair Dolls - Miss Take, Miss Hitomi & Miss Emily
Fashions & Accessories
Check out the back of
Miss Take's box to see
her getting the works!
See how small the case
folds up in this picture.
Miss Hitomi poses next to the case - note spelling of Salon as Saloon.