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Ole! Welcome to our newly-updated page on the fabuloso Mexican Crissy!
We are pleased to showcase both of these rare gems from the private collection
of Crissy collector and doll entrepreneur extraordinaire, Debra Kent-Dorsey.
The "Mexican Crissy" as seen in a catalog page.
Until recently most Crissy collectors have only seen this
elusive doll in a Spanish-language catalog that originates
from South of the Border down in Old Mexico! Without a
doubt she is the Mexican Crissy doll -- now seen in the
flesh (well Styrene and Vinyl flesh anyway)!

Translated to English the text says:
"The sensational doll with hair that grows, and grows
and grows! With clothes of luxury and accessories"

What collector of Crissy Dolls would not just simply die to
have her?

Manufactured under license by Ideal the Lilì Mexican
Crissy has our American Crissy's standard straight bodied
torso & limbs -- but a quite unique head mold & captivating
beautiful grey eyes!

But you don't need an expert to tell you about what you
can see with your own two eyes!
The Lilì Crissy Doll face compared to the American Crissy Doll.
Note the more upturned nose, the lack of dimples and definition in the
cheeks, and the smooth jawline compared to Crissy's well defined chin.
Standing out overall are the Mexican Crissy's somber grey eyes, do the
eye sockets appear larger and wider apart?  

Even the lips are very different, lacking Crissy's trademark broad & gentle
smile the Mexican Crissy's pursed lips give her quite a different
Roll your mouse over the pictures to
see different views of the dolls.
Inscripted ID on the back her head says:  Mexican Lili

And also the numbers 1770 (same model # as shown in
the Spanish-language catalog seen above)
Here's a picture of both of the beautiful Mexican Crissy dolls.
crissy doll crissy dolls velvet ideal
photos courtesy of Debra Kent-Dorsey
image courtesy of Debra Kent-Dorsey
image courtesy of Debra Kent-Dorsey
The first edition doll is on the right and has the light grey
eyes & copper-colored hair. The second edition has
reddish-brown hair and she is the one who came in the gift
set with the replica of the Groovy Jumpsuit, the Penney's-like
orange shortall and brown faux leather vest and brown
boots. She also came with lime green shoes.

The doll on the left has very dark blue/grey eyes and very
long lashes. If you notice, their faces are just the tiniest bit
different with the doll on the left being a little rounder.

CrissyTown is proud to be able to show you both of these
wonderful dolls! Aren't they both just lovely?
Special Thanks to Debra Kent-Dorsey for her contributions to CrissyTown's Grow Hair World Mexican Crissy Webpage!
photos courtesy of Debra Kent-Dorsey