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Cathie Tresses by Bella

Cathie, a beautiful French doll was manufactured in 1967 by Bella (factory
established in Perpignan, south-west of France).  In 1969, Cathie was
created with a growing hair feature with a grow hair mechanism much like
American Charcater's Pre-Teen Tressy 15" doll. The company also
continued to release a few rare issues without the growing hair feature.
Cathie is 18'' tall. Cathie's hair came in blond (several nuances), brunette,
auburn and red (very rare). Her eyes are hazel, blue or green. The legs
bend and are covered with a tights; (white tights in: 1969/1971 - beige
tights in1972/1982).  Each year, A new garde-robe is proposed for
Cathie. In 1984, the Bella factory closed.
"Cathie was the doll star of Bella."
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