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The Charm Scarlet doll appeared in Japan around 1970. Boldly stated
in English on packaging associated with her and her snazzy outfits are the
words... "Fantastic Fashion Doll"! And as you can see the expression is not
hardly an exaggeration, as little Scarlet makes quite a statement modeling
the many wonderful fashions that were available for her. And of course she
"grows hair" too!

She has a growing hair feature based on a simple string; a child would pull
the grow hair strand to lengthen the hair & would pull the string that emerges
from her back to retract Charm Scarlet's hair back into her grow hair head
opening. The back is molded with two tabs to wind the excess string on when
she sported shorter hair styles. Her ponytail extends to 14" and shortens to
around 8". Charm Scarlet also has a walker feature.

Scarlet's almost childlike facial features belie her most definite teenage body
proportions, decidedly more developed than the Ideal Crissy family dolls in
the bustline -- her fashions may not fit other 18" dolls so well.
The name "Charm Scarlet"
wasn't adopted because the doll came
with any kind of ornamental type
charm, but refers to the intangible
quality of "charm" -- In English, we
would have probably used "Charming
Scarlet", but the Japanese have a
history of not always knowing exactly
how English words are best used.

However you want to say it though, this
doll is certainly disarmingly "charming"
and will steal your heart
away with her timeless elegance and
sheer loveliness.  

Scarlet came in various hair colors - so far we have
seen three - chestnut is the color of our Scarlet's hair;
all of the versions of Scarlet we have seen have
beautiful turquoise blue eyes. Do you think her face
resembles a "grown up" American Pre-Teen Tressy?  

Charm Scarlet is a very elusive doll and difficult to
locate outside of Japan.
While Scarlet is 18 inches
tall - she has a more shapely
figure than Ideal's Crissy
doll. All of the fashions we
have for Scarlet are made
with darts to accommodate
her grown-up figure. Charm
Scarlet comes with white
shoes only - extra shoes are
not included with the boxed
outfits like Takara's grow
hair doll fashions. The only
English found on Scarlet's
fashion boxes is FANTASTIC
have to agree that she is!
Don't confuse another doll that has  
molded hair designed to be fitted with
wigs as the grow-hair Charm Scarlet.
This doll does not even have the
same facial features nor is it very
attractive. This other doll appears to
be cheaply made and may also be of
inferior quality.
It's eyes tend to be cloudy or faded
and it has a rather blank expression.
This doll's name is Lara - and is not
the same as a true Charm Scarlet with
growing hair feature w/ real
rooted hair.
This cute and sassy scarlet red school girl dress is
outfit No 600. Each dress set came with a hanger
with Scarlet's name on it; the school girl dress set
also came with a small pink purse shown.
This lovely hot pink evening gown is
fashion No 900.  
Charm Scarlet box graphic *Flower Mate* FASHION DOLL
Crissy doll Crissy dolls velvet ideal
Charm Scarlet
Chestnut Hair
Charm Scarlet
Blonde Hair
Charm Scarlet
Doll only - Good
$20.00 - $30.00
$30.00 - $50.00
Loose White Shoes
Dressed Doll - Good
$50.00 - $75.00
Loose Clothing in
Played with Condition
(no damage)
$5.00 or Less
Dressed Doll with Box
Good - VG Condition
$100.00 - $125.00
$125.00 - $150.00
Loose Clothing in
Excellent Condition
$10.00 to $20.00
Doll in Mint
Condition with Box
Any outfit Mint in Box
$25.00 to $50.00
These figures are intended as a Guide to assist those who may not be familiar with the current
value of these dolls. Of course, true "value" is also an individually perceived thing. Since there
really is no "collector's market" for them outside Japan, faced with a purchase decision a potential
buyer may not wish to pay this much. Charm Scarlet's clothing is designed only to fit her.
These are suggested prices converted from the Japanese Yen. Exceptional MIB may sell for more
and conversely poorer / damaged condition items lower than stated prices. Estimate Guide is for
dolls/clothes purchased within Japan and does not cover any shipping costs or other fees.