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Growing Hair Girl was made by Eugene
company and she came with all sorts
of fun accessories to create new
hairstyles for her.
Here we have two 10 inch darlings made by
Playskool called Dolly Surprise grow hair
dolls.  These dolls can be obtained rather
inexpensively for the grow hair doll collector.
The photo below is of Baby Dolly Surprise
and her hair grows too!
This is Silky - a Bradgate grow hair doll.
She is 9" tall.
Check out this grow hair Cher doll!
Valerie was made by Mattel and she is a
real grow hair cutie! She came in a black
version also. There was a paper doll
booklet released for Valerie.
Photo courtesy of Robin
This 18" grow hair doll on the
left was made by Eegee. We
have named her Erin due to
the darling Scottish outfit she
came dressed in. She is
marked 1967 Eegee on the
back of her neck. Her eyes
are amber and her hair color
(blonde) is very similar to
Sheena's. Her grow hair
mechanism is very simple -
just pull a string in the middle
of her back to shorten her
hair - tug her pony tail to
length it.
Shelly is a pretty Ideal Tammy clone who had a
grow hair feature.  She was made by EeGee in
1964.  She is a hard-to-find fashion doll -
especially one in good shape.  Her grow hair
mechanism operates by a pull string. Shelly is
12 inches tall.  Both dolls shown here are  
redressed.  Shelly can wear all of Tammy's
clothes and shoes.  Here's Shelley on the left in
her original box and dress which looks very
similar to American Character's Tressy doll's
dress in pink instead of red.
This little 8 inch grow hair cutie is sure to
find a way into your heart and your grow
hair doll collection. She has a pull string
grow hair mechanism very similar to the
1980 reissue Crissy dolls. Her hairstyle is
much like American Character Tressy. She
has bendy knees. She is modeling what we
believe to be an original outfit. Her shoes
have been replaced.

Special thanks to Petula for the Bandai doll
information and photos.
crissy doll crissy dolls velvet ideal
There are various styles of
Mattel Barbie Grow Hair dolls -
this one is Rapunzel, below is
New Growin' Pretty Hair Barbie.

Here's "Growin Pretty" Hair
Francie - she's so beautiful! Her
hair grows and she also came
with hair pieces for additional
Whether you are a Cabbage Patch fan or not - this grow hair cutie is sure to put a
smile on your face! Our version on the right has hair to the floor in a similar platinum
blonde shade of Ideal Velvet's hair. Her grow hair mechanism works kind of like a push
button. To extend the hair you tug on the ponytail, to stabilize the length just press her
bellybutton! To retract her hair just tug her ponytail again. Our doll has pretty green
eyes, a bottom tooth showing and straight foundation hair.
Click on the booklet
to see
details on
Growin' Hair Francie