With so many Crissy family dolls being sold at online auctions now (there are around 400
or more on one popular site at any given time) its only proper that CrissyTown cover this
subject in depth.

CrissyTown's goal is to enhance your auction experience with some tips and information
you can benefit from, provide an online resource for helping buyer and seller awareness,
and give recognition to those Crissy family listings that are exemplary or...unusual -- all in
the spirit of fun of course!

As part of iCrissy, the Auction Fun section is open to suggestions and you can submit
content, pics, reports, etc. But CrissyTown will not publish ANY personal information - User
ID's, listing numbers are permissable...but no real names, email addresses, or the like.
CrissyTown Auction Advice for
newbies and experienced
Users alike...
If the auction tips have helped anyone to profit
more from their auction wins or sales, then please
let us know!
The scamming activity in all doll auctions is more
prevelant than ever and scammers are bolder than
ever... so keep a wary eye out to protect yourself!

That wonderful Crissy family treasure is just a few
keystrokes away...
But to sneaking scammers don't fall prey...
Just follow CrissyTown Tips today! :)

iCrissy is THE PLACE for all you
fans and admirers of Crissy to
participate in the growth of our
little town on the web devoted only
to the Crissy Family of Dolls.

There is so much to do, just look
around and click the links to jump
to your favorite activity!
And if you think of something new
and exciting to add on iCrissy, just
contact us as we will most certain
give everyone's ideas
And Above all...Have FUN!