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Later:  Well, I hope this
trip is going to be fun.  I
am all packed to leave on
Check back soon!

Grandma's Farm House
Here's Grandma meeting
me at the train station.
I know she reminds you
of Mrs. Cleaver.  She has
that ageless quality about
her you know like Ideal's
Miss Revlon?

Here's my Aunt Toni with
us below - yes she's very
graceful and elegant.
Here's a few photos of
Grandma's flowers and
here's a photo of a
strange boy Grandma
said that helps her
around the farm when
he's not daydreaming.  
He's supposed to be
picking apples off that
apple tree she said.  
His name is Jethro.  I
think he's weird!  
I had a nice
first day of
vacation.  Its
very peaceful
Here I am with a few of my new friends
Here I am on a
walking tour
place - nice pool
I really
flowers -
don't you?
Here I am - Crissy in
the cornfield!
ha ha

This old cemetary
is spooky!
Me and some of my new friends attended VBS
today and
we had an A-W-E-S-O-M-E time!
Hi,  I have just come
back from having
a great weekend in
the Blue Hills of
Kentucky.  I think I
may stay here!  That
Jethro spy watched
us until we left the
house as Grandma
said he asked to go
with us!  I am glad
she made him stay
home to pick the
apples and pick
weeds at the farm.  
Click on my picture
on the left for my
adventures at the

hugs, Crissy