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This is a beautiful place with so
much to do -
mini golf, hiking, boating,
swimming, picnicing, you name
it.  I filled my backpack with lots
of hiking stuff and off I went.
I was hoping to see some wild
animals but a woodpecker,
sparrows and these moose was
all I saw.  This kind were
super friendly! ha
Below: Here I am around the
grounds - this is a dwarf
behind me.
Me - bird watching.
My backpack was getting too
heavy - oops I almost fell off the
ledge.  I am sure glad for the

I got a little daring below.  Enjoy
the Blue Hills VIEW!
It is a relaxing place and it made me realize
how small I really am.
The water was so still.  

I forgot to pack my fishing
pole - RATS!
This was a very moving
part of the trip!

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