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We are on our way back to the farm.  I wanted you to see
some more Blue Hill sites.  This is tobacco plants below.
Grandma wanted some fresh peaches so
we stopped at a local fruit stand.  See
Grandma's barn below?  We are back at
the farm now.  Wonder what I will do
this week?  I am sure having a good time!
Bye, Crissy
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More to come on my
trip soon.  Jethro wants
to play some more
tennis with me, so stay
tuned for more of my
fun times!

Jethro got the wrong
size tennis rackets
for us.  lol

Love, Crissy
Hi there,
Well Jethro returned
the rackets and got us
the right size.  I have
learned to like him, he's
just so shy and
backwards sometimes.  
We played tennis today
with Sylvie - she's way
better at than me.  I am
just not the sports gal.  
Did you see my new
friend Rocky?  He's
become my shadow
lately along with Jethro.
 Grandma's dogs had
pups last month.
Here's a few photos of
me and some of the
farm animals.
Guess what?  
Grandma asked me to
stay on for awhile!  I
love it here on
the farm, so I am
decided to accept her
offer.  Sylvie and Rocky
and Sylvie's poodle
Dixie are all happy
about it!

More later,
Grandma gave me
some chores to do so I
am pretty busy.  Its
been hot here so
I need to water the
plants.  Below: I am
clowning around a bit in
between my work.  ;)
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