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We are weeding the flower beds today and LOOK
at what we saw on the end of the property.  They
took off when they noticed we were watching them.
This is my fave photo - I LOVE these
Elephant ears.  I do wish they were
the edible kind you get at the
fair though! ha ha  On the right you
may be able to see a crawdad hole.
More photos of me around the farm at the
bottom of the page.
Bye for now! Luv, Crissy
Hi!  We've been so busy at grandma's.  
Here's a few pics of me from this last
weekend.  We have been making
applesauce, decorating the house for
harvest time and replacing the front steps
too.   I am having a blast here!
See my new scarecrow friends?
Grandma bought some
azaleas to plant
by the new patio.
Partying with my friends above - below I am posing on the
new steps.  :o)
What a beautiful
day today is!
I LOVE it here!
See you soon!  Love Crissy
Winter Days at CrissyTown is very cold here!  We are
having subzero temps this week and are
freezing.  We couldn't help but want to
feed the birds though, so Sylvie and I
bundled up in our fur coats and headed

Here we are!
We got to the door that is when we
realized that we couldn't reach the door
knob on the back door.

ha ha

We hollered for help and Grandma
let us out.

Have a great day and stay tuned for more

Luv, Crissy
Today we are continuing our birdwatching.  
Sylvie is an outdoor enthusitaist!

See what problems arose - we couldn't hold
up the binoculars so grandma rigged us up a
stationary place by the window so we could
watch the birdies!

Can you see Syvlie's reflection in one photo?
We are trying to enjoy winter even though its
so COLD!  Just wait til you see what we do
next!  Luv, Crissy