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Crissy & Velvet and the Mysterious Disappearing Shoes
A Short Story by T. Martin

Crissy was enjoying her chocolate birthday cake while Velvet washed up Cinnamon's face and hands.  "What a
chocolate mess she made everywhere." Crissy chuckled.  As she reflected back over the day she thought she
had a very nice birthday.  Velvet and Cinnamon gave her the cutest black lab puppy with the largest feet.  Crissy
thought, "We have to start training him right away so he doesn't get out of hand before he grows anymore." And
that was exactly what she decided to do next, after she named him of course.  Hmmmm what should I call him?
King, Duke or Blackie?  

Her new pet watched her eat the last bite of her cake and then he begged to jump up on her lap. The second he
got up on her lap he stole a kiss.  That's when she decided to call him Bandit. Yep it was the perfect name.  Then
around the corner came Cinnamon and Velvet, Crissy shared his  name and it was agreed upon right there that
the new pet's name would be Bandit.

Off they went to train a new dog some old tricks……

Bandit proved to be a good student. He learned his name in the first training session and he also learned to sit
and stay. Oh sure he did jump up on the girls -- especially Cinnamon.  Crissy told Cinnamon that was because
she was his size and that made her love him all the more.  He followed Cinnamon all around and nipped at her
heels - they looked so cute together.  Well, the girls fixed a light dinner and then took turns taking their baths,
washing their hair and changing into their pajamas.  Velvet helped Cinnamon get dressed while Crissy combed
Cinnamon's long strawberry blonde hair.  Crissy turned to Velvet and said, "Set my hair, please." and Velvet said
"Comb my hair, please."  Cinnamon just giggled at her silly older family members.  After the evening story they all
went to bed and slept very soundly.

The next morning the girls got up and put their slippers and bathrobes on before going downstairs.  Velvet said
she would cook breakfast.  She fixed them pancakes and scrambled eggs. Velvet called for the girls to come and
get it and Crissy said, "I've got a secret." Cinnamon inquired at to what it was, but Crissy said "I'll never tell."
Velvet rolled her lavender eyes and said "Cinnamon please help me set the table." They both ignored Crissy.
That was when the girls heard Bandit barking.  "Oh goodie!" exclaimed Cinnamon as she peeked out the picture
window in the living room, "Brandi and Dina are here!"

Brandi and Dina are the girls' cousins from California and are some cool looking suntanned girls.  They are
always dressed in mod clothes and with those tans of theirs they always looked awesome!  Cinnamon jumped up
and down and hugged both girls a couple of times and Bandit ran circles around the girls yipping all the time.  
The girls were on their way to the mall and asked if they could take Cinnamon with them for the day.  Sure
enough Crissy said that was fine with her and Velvet.  Cinnamon ran upstairs to get dressed and off the three
girls went.  Crissy asked Velvet what she had on her agenda for the day and Velvet said she had to go to the
library to do some research for a science project for school.  Crissy said she would go with her so they started
upstairs to get dressed for the day when the phone rang and it was Kerry.  Crissy asked Kerry if she needed to
go to the library and she said she needed to return a book so Kerry and Mia made plans to meet Velvet and
Crissy at the library within an hour.  The girls played with Bandit outside for a bit before getting ready to leave.

Crissy decided to wear her orange lace dress and put it on while she searched for her shoes. She looked in her
bedroom and under the bed, in Velvet's room and in the closets never finding her orange bowtie shoes.  "Where
are they?" she exclaimed as Velvet walked into her room.  "What is missing?" Velvet said.  Crissy said, "My
orange shoes that I was going to wear with my orange lace dress, where could they be?" Velvet told Crissy she
would help with the search and so they searched and searched and could not find those shoes in the kitchen,
bathroom or living room. "Oh well!" Crissy said we are going to be late meeting Kerry and Mia at the library so
she ended up wearing her orange lace up boots instead. The girls combed each other's hair and braided their
long ponytails and secured the braid with pretty satin ribbons to coordinate with their outfits.

At the library the girls ran into Cricket and Tressy.  Tressy has just received a new bicycle for her birthday last
week and everyone had to check it out.  It was blue and had a cool banana seat!  Afterwards the girls walked
home and enjoyed the gorgeous sunny weather. They got home around 4pm and noticed the answering machine
light was blinking and hit play to hear the message.  It was Brandi asking if Cinnamon could spend the night and
of course the girls called Brandi to let her know that Cinnamon could stay.  

That evening Velvet made popcorn to snack on while they watched an old movie.  At the end of the movie Crissy
started looking for her shoes again.  She let Bandit outside and when he came back in she asked him if he knew
where her orange shoes were.  He just looked at her so innocently. The girls decided to play a board game and
then after Velvet won the girls decide to go to bed.  Crissy yawned on her way to her room and wished Velvet
sweet dreams.  

Crissy woke up to Velvet making waffles. Velvet loved to cook! She was the domestic one of the family. After
breakfast Velvet heard a knock at the door and it was Cinnamon arriving home from her sleepover.  She was so
energetic!  She talked all about what they did and how Brandi and Dina had spoiled her.  They hugged her and
told her that they loved her and missed her dearly.  Crissy said, "Cinnamon do you know where my orange shoes
are?" Cinnamon instantly looked down and said, "Oops!" Crissy explained to Cinnamon that she wasn't gonna get
scolded but just would like to know where her favorite pair of shoes are. "Well….I was worried that Bandit would
chew them up so I put them in your Fashion Tote in the hall closet.  Sure enough the girls raced upstairs to see
and there they were.  "Cinnamon you sure are helpful!" Velvet said! They all laughed and hugged each other!
The End.
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