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Crissy:  Outta This Box!    by Margaret

Crissy set on the shelf in her box.  " I wish I could get outta here for a while! " she thought.
"How many days have I spent in this box?  It's boring.  I could use some fresh air. "

As Granny picked the box off the shelf in the store, Crissy felt herself suddenly jolt.  "Wow! What was
that?" Crissy thought.  She tried to sneak a peak out of the box.  "Groovy!  I'm in someone's basket!  
Some old lady!  Yeah!  I'm going HOME!  A place to live.....outta this box!  Granny will be good to doubt!"

"I'm gonna get outside this box.....I'm gonna stand around on a shelf......Smile.....look  SO pretty!   
Maybe she'll put me close by the TV and I can watch the soaps all day!  What a life!!"  Crissy got
sleepy on the way home riding in the car.

When Crissy woke up she heard the birthday song.  "Somebody's having a party!  and I smell cake!"

"Here you are, Hun.  Happy Birthday", she heard Granny say.  The next thing she knew, Crissy was
outta her box.  It was torn all to shreads!  

"No more going back in THAT box!" Crissy giggled to herself.

"Take good care of her, and you'll always be friends"   Granny said to Hun.

"Yeah, Yeah......come on, Crissy.  Let's go play. "  and the little girl drug Crissy outside by her

"Wow!  How great!  Fresh air! " Crissy thought.

"Let's make mud pies, Crissy."  said Hun.  "Here.  You sit here.  I'll get some water."

"MUD PIES?!  You gotta be joking!" thought Crissy.  "I'll get my dress dirty!   Wait, Wait!  Why don't
we just pretend to have a picnic under that tree over there and listen to the birds sing?"  But Hun
was already running around to the side of the house to get a bucket of water.

Crissy didn't have a choice.  Mud pies it was.  And Crissy's dress....well, when Hun got tired of
making mud pies, then she ran off and got on the swing set and left Crissy sitting there in the dirt,
mud splatters and all.  

"This is no good" , thought Crissy.  

After awhile, Crissy watched everybody leave the party.

"In a minute, surely Hun is gonna come get me and get me cleaned up.  Then maybe I can sit up on
a shelf for awhile.  I'm pooped. "

But night came, and Hun didn't come get Crissy.  She stayed outside alone all night!
"This is No Good"  thought Crissy.

A few days went by.  And then Poochy showed up.
"Maybe this big pup can help me get in the house outta this weather!" thought Crissy.

Poochy picked her up and carried her home.  To his junkyard.  Poochy was a junkyard dog.  Crissy
didn't know that till she got there.

"This is NO Good! " thought Crissy.  Just a few days ago she had gotten out of her box, finally, and
here she was now with mud on her dress, dew in her hair, and dog slobber all over her body, sitting
in a junk yard.

Just then Poochy's owner, Dude, came out to feed Poochy.  
"Well, looky what you've drug in this time!" bragged Dude.
"This outta bring a couple of bucks at the flea market.   Good dog!" and patted Poochy on the head.

"FLEA MARKET?!  You gotta be joking!" scoffed Crissy.  But Dude wasn't joking, and Crissy ended
up sitting on the flea market table early Saturday morning.....and he didn't even give her a bath or
brush her hair!

People picked her up and sat her down all day that Saturday.  Up and Down.  Up and Down.  "Hey
Mister, how much for the doll?" asked a couple of ladies that were shopping together.

"$27" Dude said to the ladies.  "That's a deal.  Those dolls are hard to find."

"$27! You gotta be joking!  Just look at my hair and my dress.  Dude, what are you talking about ??"
Crissy said to herself.

"Wait, Wait!  Don't leave me here with Dude and Poochy!"  Crissy yelled, but the ladies put Crissy
down, and moved along like everyone else that day.

Crissy went later that day into a brown box with lots of other flea market stuff into storage, and laid
there for years,  until one day......

The box of stuff in storage ended up out on the sidewalk......and went for auction locally.   A box of
stuff for whatever someone will give for it.

A local entra-penier couldn't pass up the box......and took it all home.

He was NOT a doll expert.  But he put Crissy on Ebay anyway.

The picture showed Crissy standing on a table.  Hair looking like the mice had made a nest in it.  No
shoes.  Muddy dress.  "This is NO Good." she thought but  Crissy tried to smile for the picture
anyway.    ( She was glad to be outta that storage box. )

Her description read:

I am not a doll expert.  Please bid accordingly.  Good eyes.
Chrssiy doll.  1989.  Original dress.  Rare find.
Shipping $15.  US only.  Low opening bid!  $1. !!!

(This story is long I know, but it does have a happy ending! )

Tressy was surfing Ebay looking for some new shoes ......when she saw Crissy!
"Oh My!!  She's Alive!"  So Tressy bid and won Crissy!  and had her sent Express Mail to the house!

When Crissy arrived, Tressy helped her out of the box, and said " You poor Darling! What

Crissy told her the story.  

"How did you get here, Tressy?" asked Crissy.  

"I just used my Sears card ", replied Tressy.

Then Tressy had Jeeves make them some tea, and drive Crissy to the beaty parlor,  to have a
re-root, to the spa to soak her bod,  and then downtown to get a new dress.  While Crissy was gone,
Tressy got back on line and bought some new shoes for both of them.  

And they lived Happily Ever After!!!!

The moral of the story is:
If you are in a heck of a mess, and your friends know, they will always come to help you!   
If you are in a heck of mess, and your friends don't know, they will probably be on Ebay surfing.
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