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Crickit & Cricket were identical twins and always got along with each other very well. You never ever heard
them fight about anything.  One day Cricket (brown-eyed) looked at Crickit (blue-eyed) and said, ”Let’s
play a prank on everyone and fight like cats and dogs!” “Okay!” agreed Crickit.

So that very day the conflicts and arguments started. They fought over everything – what color the sky was
to what they were going to have for lunch to who was going to wear the elusive barrette that Crickit had
worn for years. She wore it from the time she traveled from the factory to the store. Secretly she wanted to
take it out of her hair – but Cricket said, “No we are just playacting this conflict so keep it in.” Day after day
Tressy asked them what caused their sudden dislike of each other – the girls (never had gotten this kind of
attention before) would giggle in their bedroom at night over the events of the days. Poor Tressy she was
ready to pull her hair out over all this fighting.

One day Crissy came to talk to them and brought Dina, Velvet and Mia. Cricket and Cricket had a hard
time looking Velvet in the eyes as she told them she loved them both and asked them to please stop this

Later that day Tressy reminded them that their birthday was in a few days and if the fighting didn’t stop
they were not getting a party!  “Uh oh Crickit, we better cool our fighting for a while Tressy is getting really
mad.”  “Yes Cricket we want to have a birthday party.”

The big day arrived and all the dolls arrived – Brandi and Kerry came too.  Present after present they
opened and then they blew out the candles and cut their cake – Lil Cinnamon came up very closely to
them at the table and said she had to talk to them right about then. Cricket and Crickit had pits in their
stomachs as Cinnamon led them out in the backyard, “Here she said open up my present.” It was an
orange barrette – just like the one Crickit had in her hair! “Now!” she said and pointed her little finger,
“Stop fighting!” She said, “I wasn’t fooled by your joke but everyone else was so stop it now or I am gonna
tell Tressy on you two.” “Haha” laughed Cricket and Crickit, “Okay Cinnamon you win!”

Written by T. Martin
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