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Mixed Messages
Mia felt lonely as she was being assembled at the Ideal Toy Corp Factory. She had hoped for
things to be different - after all how would you like to have your eyes poked in and your lips painted
with a brush and your hair sewn on by a machine? She was down hearted, she wanted to make
friends and meet dolls her own age. It was a little better now that they dressed her in a cute blue
romper – as she was getting cold!

Suddenly someone set her on a nearby table. She was there for awhile watching people walk by –
she hadn’t noticed the doll behind here until she heard sniffling. She turned around to see who was
crying and she saw a sweet-faced little girl doll that was her same size and same age. “Hi, I’m Mia –
what’s your name?” she said.  “Hi, I’m Velvet.”, the blonde haired beauty said sadly. “Why are you
so sad Velvet?” asked Mia.  “Well you would be sad too if someone put the wrong voice box in you.
I am waiting here for them to decide what to do with me.”  

Oh no Mia thought – Velvet was having her final inspection and they found something wrong with
her – this was terrible! Oh Mia had heard some scary stories about those inspections – she
shuddered inside for poor Velvet. “Do you know whose voice box you have?, asked Mia. Velvet
said, “Crissy’s, so instead of saying
Hi I’m Velvet! – I say things like I don’t think so! I guess it
could be worst Mia, as its Crissy’s six-phrase voice box – but it’s not right and I am afraid of where
they are going to send me.” “Take heart Velvet.” comforted Mia as she patted her arm.

A little later they came for Velvet. “Bye Mia!” cried Velvet. It was so sad – Mia felt helpless. Where
were they taking her and would she ever see her friend Velvet again? Soon after that they put Mia
in a box and after some time she was loaded up and was in a store on a shelf waiting to be sold.
She never forgot her friend Velvet – she worried about her all the time. One day Mia was sold for a
child’s gift and was wrapped with Christmas paper awaiting Christmas Day. She didn’t know where
she was. She heard children giggling and joined in their excitement at opening up their gifts.

She was picked up by someone and then she heard a girl’s name called to open up her box – they
called her Brenda.  “Awww what a nice name! I hope we can be friends!” She heard another name
called out too, “Diane come get your gift.” The two happy girls opened up their boxes and out
popped Mia and Talky Velvet!  Yes it was Mia’s friend, or was it? Could it be? Was this the same
Velvet with Crissy’s voice box? “Hi Mia yes it’s really me – if you pull my string I can prove it as I will
say, “
I’ll never tell!

Together forever as friends – Mia and Velvet!

by T. Martin
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