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“Did you hear about the new dress?” Mia asked Cricket. “Why no…what new dress?”
“Well I heard her say that it’s on order from our dollie seamstress and had been mailed
out days ago – it’s due to arrive any day now.” Mia had that impish grin on her face
when she said proudly, “It’s for me!” Cricket said, “How do you know Mia?”  “Well I just
do!”, she said as she stormed off.

“I heard that the dress has been lost in transit.” Cricket told Mia three days later. “Oh
no! I had plans to wear it this weekend, did they get a tracking number or insurance?
What happens if it got stolen? What will I do?” Mia exclaimed and stuck her lip out.  
“Well Mia you might just have to wear the dress you have on this weekend!” smiled

“Did you hear anything yet Cricket– it’s been eleven days - I heard her say.” “No, but I
did hear enough about the style and color of the dress that I am taking it – it will go
better with my complexion than yours so there!” Tongues were stuck out at each other
and backs were turned. “What a mess!” thought Crissy as she observed this childish
behavior. With a gleam in her eye she had formed a plan to straighten these two smarty
pants up!

The very next day:

“Hi Cricket! Hi Mia! I would like you to meet our newest Velvet doll, she arrived today
with our new dress so it was only appropriate for her to be the first one to wear it!”
said Crissy.

“Aw nice to meet you Velvet, nice dress!” said Mia as she looked at Cricket. Cricket
smiled big and said,” Yes hi and welcome, cute dress and it looks nice with your
complexion.” Crissy smiled big inside and thought – "It’s a great day afterall!"

by Nancy & T. Martin
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