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Born in Kansas City, my earliest recollection of a childhood doll was my Tippy Tumbles in 1968 at the age of 5. My mother and father gave her
to me for my birthday and despite Tippy’s extremely long arms, I had so much fun showing my friends how talented she was. I always ran out of
batteries in the little box that gave her the power to do summersaults. My mother said I took very good care of my toys and things and kept
them very clean. I guess she was right because one day I felt Tippy needed a bath and took her in with me. Unfortunately, she stopped working
shortly thereafter.

Growing up in the 70’s was so much fun, and I feel very lucky to have experienced the era. Don’t get me wrong -- it was not easy, growing up
with 1 brother and 3 and sisters. My parents divorced in 1971, and my mother’s being a single parent meant times were really tough. I knew
toys didn’t come easy – in fact nothing did. In our family, rarely did you get a new outfit. You might have been given a hand-me-down from a
sister or from a neighbor’s child or from the church. If we did get a new outfit, it was for Easter or from my grandmother. Funny thing was my
mother would try and dress me and my little sister to look exactly alike, but this became very difficult later in childhood because I was 5 years
older than my little sister. Picture a little girl, pale, very petite, and even at the tender age of 8 (I looked about 6 because I was small) I was not
a very pretty girl; long gangling legs and arms, extremely shy, and oh, so skinny! I remember I weighted 65 pounds in 6th grade. The school
would not let me run track because I had asthma and could not gain weight easily. Worse of all, I looked different than most children because I
had RED HAIR. As a child, I felt this was a curse. People would say, “Oh, she has such beautiful color hair,” or “I wish I had your hair color.” I
didn’t believe them. Today I now know only 4 percent of the population are true redheads; we are quite rare.

My hair…my hair was not only red, but to make matters worse, it was thin and stick straight. My mother thought I needed body and curls, so she
would give me many a Toni perm with millions of end papers and plastic rollers. My head would ache and she would leave it in too long and the
rollers would get stuck in my hair. A lot of breaking off and the smell!  Combing it out was the worst!  Leave it to me to be in a time period where
everyone had long hair, so cutting it was out of the question. I would cry for hours because I looked like a clown afterward. I would get teased in
school. Kids can be so cruel.

As a child, my grandmother Margaret was the light of my life. Although she was generations older, we still had a lot in common. She was a
beautiful, soft spoken, extremely fashionable woman with a very kind heart. Best of all, I felt a connection to her. She had red hair, too, and was
sympathetic to my plight.  When she would visit, she would bring her cosmetic box. I would watch her put on her Merle Norman makeup every
morning, paying special attention to each stroke as she put on every application of moisturizer, foundation, and makeup. She had so many
bottles and would let me test some of her lotions. I daydreamed often of the day when I, too, could look like her.

Grandma Margaret was a very busy lady. After my grandfather passed away in 1967, she ran the family business, a commercial dry cleaners
he started in the late 40’s until she sold it in 1976; Garden City Cleaners in Kansas. Sometimes on special days she would pick me up and take
me there, and then to lunch and shopping. One afternoon in December as we walked down the red brick streets of Garden City, we passed a
department store window. In the window, I saw a beautiful doll -- not just any doll but a radiant beautiful doll. Best of all she had RED HAIR and
it GREW right past her waist. There stood my kindred spirit - Crissy. I had never seen a doll with red hair. I fell in love with that doll right then
and there. I just knew I had to have her. Luckily, my birthday was December 27th, so I cleverly thought up the idea to let Santa know that if he
got me the doll, I would tell my mother that she did not have to get me anything else; Crissy was all I wanted. Well, guess what!!

That Christmas morning will be in my memory forever. Santa did listen to my wish. I saw a package was the same size as the one I had seen in
the store. Nervously, I opened her ever so gently. I was busting with excitement! A Moovin’ Groovin’ Crissy!! Was it really her?  I wanted to
pinch myself. As I pulled her out of the box, gazing at her perfect smile and radiant skin, I knew she was so special. I ran her blue hairbrush
through her hair.  She had a totally cool outfit with orange go-go boots. But there was more -- In the box was another outfit, a green taffeta
dress with a flower bow at the belt. It was like a Christmas dress. I think it was a special addition for Christmas because as I look back, my
mother would not have had the money for extras. My little sister whined and begged to play with Crissy, but I just couldn’t let her. After
breakfast, I went in my room and played with Crissy all day. I hoped I didn’t give her a headache by brushing her hair! I promised never to give
Crissy a perm. Life was good.          

I Had a Crissy Story
By: Sheri Rice
It was my fifth birthday and I could think about was getting a Crissy doll. My mom had a birthday party for me outside. I opened all my
gifts, Crissy. Even the gifts from my parents, no Crissy. I was so bummed. Then I remember my dad pulling into the driveway.
Odd for him to be home in the middle of the day. He walked up to me with a long wrapped box and said "Happy Birthday". I unwrapped
it, and it was A beautiful Crissy doll!! My mom didn't even know he was going to do it. I still have her and her original box!! I'm forty-one
years old. My dad has passed away, but I will always remember and cherrish what he did. I love you daddy!! Sheri Rice                     
I remember the moment I got her.  My Velvet!  I wanted her for Christmas so badly
and she arrived.  I remember seeing her in person for the first time.  She wore a
purple dress and had purple eyes and from that moment on purple has always
been my favorite color.  She had itty bitty curlers and bobbin pins in her beautiful
blonde hair and she was so “Ultra-cool”.  She was my favorite present that year.  I
used to spend hours styling her hair and changing her into all sorts of groovy
fashions that my mom made or bought for us.  I also had Dina, Cinnamon and
Cricket too.  My sis had Brandi and Crissy and my cousin had Mia.  We had a mini
fashion show and beauty shop in our house all the time!  To this day Velvet is still
my favorite Crissy family member.        


This page and club were
created on
December 2005
I was looking for Crissy dolls & bumped into your site. I
really enjoyed it. I just wanted to share some of my pictures
with you. Hope you enjoy them.

When I was a kid my sister had a Crissy doll & I used to
play with it so much more than she did. She is 5 years
older than me & did not care much for dolls. I do remember
that I pulled all the eyelashes out of her dollL I didn’t know
any better.  I do remember I told my dad he needed to buy
me my own Crissy doll. I was about 10 years old when my
dad purchased a Crissy doll for me. We were at a Swap
Meet (funny) & a lady was selling dolls when I saw this
beautiful Crissy I grabbed it and showed it to my mom &
dad they both smiled and bought it for me for about $5.00,
I have treasured that doll since. She was wearing her
original dress & boots; she was in excellent condition, how
could anyone resist such a pretty doll?

These are my Crissy dolls. On the group picture the one in
the center (Crissy) with the braids is my childhood doll (the
one my parents bought for me at a Swap Meet). I lost her
dress so my mom made her a new one. Similar from what
we remembered. The others along with the 3 baby dolls I
purchased through the years. The last reroot Crissy I
purchased on ebay. She is so pretty I had to have her.
Lucy Shaw's I Had a Crissy Story
Pam Gilges : One year my aunt bought all her nieces-I'm in the pink-a Baby Crissy for                    
                                      Christmas.  She was my favorite doll I ever had and still have.