Hi! I am Crissy doll and I all ready
for my trip.  
Velvet and Cinnamon
came to the airport to see me off.
LAX is such a huge place. There is
a very cool restaurant behind us in
the space-age looking building.  
Cinnamon had to be watched the
whole time as she was so excited!
She even ran out into the street
and Velvet had to catch her quick.  
Follow us to our next stop before I
board the plane.
Here we are inside the terminal.  
Everything was going great and we
were saying our goodbyes until this  
spring and that's when it happened.
It dawned on Cinnamon that I was
really leaving and that she couldn't
go with me. So we promised her
that maybe we would meet
somewhere overseas very soon.  
She understood but still cried her
eyes out. Velvet held her while I ran
up the ramp and entered the plane.
Whew that was close!  Next stop
Here I am in Hawaii!
Wow, I get excited every time I come here!

One of the advantages to being a doll is I don't need any sleep
and I don't get jet lag so as soon as I landed in Oahu I jumped
into a limo to take a quick tour. I like to get my bearings and see
the sights ya know.

Looking down on the city and that marvelous ocean it
kinda makes you dizzy doesn't it? Well it won't be long
before I am down there myself soaking up some rays
on the beach. I might even run into some of my old
friends who hang around these parts, you never know!

There are some beautiful views of the island of Oahu
up in the mountains looking down on Honolulu! You
just have to "be there" for the full effect. hee hee.

After reading this warning sign I decided to stay in the
car and look at the volanco from a safe distance! I am
only part vinyl and who knows what those fumes could
do to me! Yow!
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