Here I am - Beautiful Crissy doll at
the beach relaxing.  This is great!  I
am having the time of my life here in
beautiful Hawaii but tomorrow I
leave so I am going to enjoy it while
I can.  I am just gonna relax for a bit
and then take a walk the beach.  I
love to feel the sand between my

I wonder what Velvet and Cinnamon
are doing right now? I kinda miss
those two already.
Too much sun is not really good for
me - rather than tan I tend to get
sorta sunbleached. :)

So I didn't wanna stay out there too
long in the bright sunlight.

In fact I was just about to leave the
beach when somebody yelled...

Hi Crissy!!
Guess who's here?  Yep its my
tanned friend Brandi! Wow it was
great bumping in to her - what a
small world huh? Doesn't she have
the cutest blue clogs on?

We caught up on all the gossip and
even met for dinner.  I had to go
back to my hotel afterwards though
as I had to catch an early flight to
the next stop on my world tour.

She is such a joker!  She told me
that the cute lifeguard that we saw
on the beach earlier was trying to
catch my eye and sure enough to
my surprise when I looked his way
in the hotel lobby he winked at me!  
Well he will have to wait until I come
back here again as there will be no  
romances for me right now as I am
too busy seeing the world. hehe I
have to admit though that he is a
real hunk though! ;)
Here I am in gorgeous
Tahiti with my tour guide
Tulah!  Tulah showed me
all the sites on my one day
stop over in this lovely
place. We are standing on  
a black sand beach - cool

I accidently packed
Velvet's wrap pants
instead of mine so they
are a little short hehe!
Check out this tropical
paradise -- Isn't it
Here we are on the
pier.  The water is
such a pretty color
and the air is so
fresh too.
Well my bags are packed and I am ready to fly to my next destination tomorrow
morning. Keep checking back to see all my world-wide adventures.  Do you like the
postcard I sent to Velvet and Cinnamon?
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