Hi, Crissy doll here!

We are on the cruise ship again.
What a fabulous trip. We are
making many stops along the way
through the islands. So far I haven't
met anyone I know. Its a big boat
though. They told us to be careful
as there are sharks. I don't think I
will be swimming this go around -
my eyes might get rusty. hehe I am
just gonna enjoy the scenery and
kick back.
Hi there! Today we got some mail and
Velvet and Cinnamon sent me a package
with this watermelon jeans set and a card
with their photo in it. Here's what they said -
it was so sweet!
Hi Crissy! Here's ya an outfit that matches
ours so its like we are together anyways.
We miss you and send ya lots of hugs and
Love, Cinnamon, Velvet and Boo Boo Bear
PS We miss ya lots & lots!
Oops I forgot my suntan lotion so have to
back to my room.
Hey don't I know
you? Crissy is
that you?

Dina! What are
you doing here?

I am taking a
summer trip
before the
school year
starts. Wow this
is unreal seeing
you here -
especially since
you are the
traveller! haha
Well what are
we waiting for?
Lets boogie and
tour together.

Sounds great-
Lets get
Dina &
Okay I have all our important
papers in my backpack - are
you sure you don't need
anything else Dina? Its a long
walk back to the ship from the

Yes I gave you everything I
need. Now lets go touring!
Hey Crissy thank you for
inviting me for a sleepover
in your cabin. It gets
spooky over there be

No problem Dina - I enjoy
spending time with you.
You are loads of fun!

Thanks Crissy.....are you

My eyes are closed aren't
they? haha Whatcha need?

Well I just wanted to talk
about my dreams.

Go ahead Dina - I can hear
you with my eyes closed.

All my dolly life I have
wanted to go on a skiing
trip to Iceland. Here I am in
the Bahamas and I am
enjoying it but would you
go with me to Iceland to

What? (Crissy sits straight
up) Are you kidding me?
Brandi told me you were a

Lets go okay Crissy?

Well you can guess that Dina
talked me into flying to Iceland to
ski. We had a blast! Check back
soon on CrissyTown to see
photos from our awesome skiing

Luv, Crissy
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