Hi! My name is Crissy doll and I am
here in Melbourne Australia!  

What a fabulous country this is and
over here instead of saying "Boy am I
excited" they say "You little beauty"
hehe -- isn't that the grooviest?

Hmmmm do you see my tour guide
JJ? Oh there he is! This is going to
be so much fun!  I can't wait to see
the sites and experience Australia
and even see some of the unique
animals they have here.

Cinnamon made me promise to take
lots of pictures for her! Off we go!
Isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Here ya are Cinnamon a picture for you from me.  

Love, Crissy

PS I guess he's a boy. haha
JJ drove me around all day to see
the local sites. We stopped for lunch
and Strewth! (that's Australian for oh
my goodness!) Look at these
kangaroos!  Aren't they adorable?  
WOW everyone back home won't
believe this!  

I love Australia and want to spend a
few more days here please keep
checking back to see more of my
Australian adventures.
G'day Mate!

JJ is suppose to take me to a barbie today. I can't wait!  I am trying
to figure out what to wear, I want to look great but be comfy too. Its
times like this that I wish my friend Tressy were here to help me
decide - she's a real fashion plate! Well too bad she can't come
by as I am back of Bourke (that's Aussie slang for a long way from
home) hehe!
Here's a glamour shot of me drying my hair. haha What
am I going to do with my hair today?  I guess I will peek
at my hairstyling book and try to decide what style is
suitable for a barbie.

Well I have to make tracks (get ready to go) here soon.

Ta (thank you) for stopping in to see what I am up to
Well this is what I decided
to wear to the barbie.  
What do you think?  This
pigtail hairdo reminds me
a little of Ellie Mae! haha
My jumpsuit is a JC
Penney catalog outfit and
I chose to wear this
because I thought it would
be very comfortable.  I
decided to not wear the
coordinating headband
and to be honest I lost the
purse somewhere. tee
hee I do wish I had
packed some "sand
sneakers" or tennies
though.  Well JJ is due to
pick me up here any
minute  and then we will
be off to "put another
shrimp on the barbie" or
have dinner. I love this
slang talk!
Hi!  Here I am under this shady tree relaxing while JJ takes my picture for Cinnamon and
Velvet back home.  Its pretty hot here today. Isn't this a beautiful place for a barbie? Wish
you were here. I really enjoyed myself and ate way too much.  We ate "rissoles" and
"snags" or hamburgers and sausages and lots of grilled veggies too everything was the
"bee's knees" or the best.  Well I have one more day here in
Australia and then onto my next stop!
Here's a picture of my tour guide JJ - isn't he
the grooviest?
We drove through downtown Melbourne on our way back to the hotel.
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