Here's a picture of me, Crissy doll  
that JJ snapped right before he
took me   back to my hotel.  It's
going to be really hard to say
goodbye to him in the morning as
he's been a great host. He's
invited me to come back anytime.  
I just might take him up
on that too!

Bye bye JJ and Australia!

Well the Staff at CrissyTown won't  
let me tell you where I am     
traveling to next but I can tell ya   
that I am off to meet Gomez's  
friend Ken tomorrow! Shhhhhh its  
our secret!
This is my last day here in Melbourne
so JJ invited me to see the sites with
him and his tour group. The tour bus is
packed! Boy is this fun! JJ "is the nibs"
or the head of the group. haha Here's
another view of downtown Melbourne. I
really love it here - do you think I can
talk Velvet and Cinnamon into moving
Check out this gorgeous view! I
jumped out of the bus to take a
quick picture of this lovely coastline
and oh no JJ wait for me!  Oh I
mean "hang on" in Aussie slang!

Whew ta (thank you) that was
close! haha
This is where we "vegged out" or
relaxed.  This is Spencer Gulf.   We
had a nice picnic lunch.  I even took a  
quick "nip" or nap while we were here.
This traveling is the life for me!
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