Wowee what a fabulous trip here!  I met Gomez's friend Ken at the airport
and he brought me to my hotel.  I then spent an hour taking a hot bath and
getting some beauty rest. Do you like my pajama set?  It's so comfy! I am so
glad that I remembered to pack it. Ken is a real sweetheart and introduced
me to Starr my tour guide and hostess for my stay here.  She is stunning!

You won't believe this! I am so excited.  Ken is the manager of a theatre
here, its called the Golden Village and they are having a movie debut / press
party tomorrow evening and he has invited me to attend!  He said I could
debut too!  Boy! Tressy is sure needed here to help me pick out my outfit for
the party. What does one wear to a debut I wonder? Hmmmm I think I will ask
Starr for assitance in that department.
Here I am Crissy doll with
my tour guide and new
friend Starr. Isn't she
lovely? This is what we
decided that I should wear
for the debut.  Do you
think Tressy will approve?
 haha I do as I borrowed it
from her! hehe  Don't you
just dig Starr's leopard
outfit?  She said it's a
catalogue outfit and the
funny thing is that my
outfit is too.  I wish her
outfit would fit me and I
would ask to borrow it too!

Here's a picture of me
with Ken on the left.  He is
the perfect host!
Here is a
photo I took of
the outside of
theatre before
the debut
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