Oh Good Morning! I am stretching - yawn - excuse me.  This is
the day that Ken takes me around to a few of the local sites
and takes me on a personal tour of the Golden Village
theatre. Yipppeeee off  to get ready!
Above you see the Malacca House - isn't it cool? I love the
flowers out front. The picture with the colorful flags is an art
museum that was converted from a mission.  Then to our
right is a famous Singapore fountain.

Check back to see the photos of my tour of the Golden
Village! I am so excited!
Isn't this place the grooviest?  It's so
awesome!  Check out the snack bar.  I
just love the lighting and all the cool
gold fixtures too.  Ken showed me all
around.  It was so fun! Can you
imagine working here?  I think I would
love it.
Haha I just had to sit down and check
out these comfy chairs.

We toured the whole theatre - Ken
even showed me the projection room.  

Well the popcorn is popping and we
are getting ready to turn out the lights
and watch a cartoon. I am headed to
the Philippines tomorrow so keep
checking back to see all my tour
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